Your Favorite Posts!

There have been a lot of amazing posts this past year and I cannot believe we were all able to get the nominations down to 4 in each category.The winner of each category is in bold, and in some cases there was a tie.

Your top four favorite posts from our experts were:

Tips for Discussing Sexual Abuse with your Children

Speech Development in Twins

Discipline with Multiples

What to do when your kid isn’t invited

Your top four favorite guest posts were:

When the scan reveals a high risk of Down Syndrome by Multiple Mummy

Flying with Kids by Janice of Mommawords

The Very Moment I knew by Andrea of The Mays Twins

Julia’s Response to the NYT article on Two-Minus-One Pregnancy

Your top four favorite Moneywise MoM posts were:

How to Save Money on Diapers

Preparing for Multiples

Extreme Couponing

12 Ways to Save in 2012

Your top four favorite recipes from Multiples in the Kitchen were:

Breakfast in a Cup

Fruit Skewers

Apple Strudel

Ice Cream Cake

Your top four favorite posts from Rebecca’s Corner were (and actually all four posts had the same number of votes, so they all are the winner):


Can’t You Just BOTH Be Bad At The Same Time???

Maybe we made a mistake

I gotta admit…

Your top four favorite crafts from Crafting with Kids were:

Fall Banner

Mother’s Day Art

Halloween Rock Painting

A Gift for Dad

Thank you to everyone that nominated and voted for these posts! Also, a HUGE thank you to the people that contributed to these posts!

Tomorrow starts the 3 days of giveaways, so be sure to check back often to see all of the goodies that are going to be given away!

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