You Might Have Twins If…

Twins, Twins and more! What special parents we are to adore! Enjoy our 10 little compilations of YOU MIGHT HAVE TWINS IF….

1.  You might have twins if a perfect stranger have ever asked you if your twins are “natural” or if “twins run in your family”.  I was blessed to have no fertility problems, but many others were not.  I don’t think people understand what a personal question that is and that it can bring up a very painful time to people.

2.  You might have twins if the simple act of leaving your house could be considered an Olympic sport.  I know leaving the house with one baby is tough…. but 2!  Trying to get out of the house with a HUGE diaper bag, carrying two babies, getting those babies in to two car seats only to find out one is poopy.  No fun!  I still manage to carry my 2 1 year olds at the same time, but it’s getting really difficult!

3.  You might have twins if the simple act of changing a poopy diaper is one of the most stressful times of the day.  I can’t be the only one whose babies find the other baby’s poopy diaper fascinating or tries to touch the other baby’s poopy butt, or trys to step on the other baby’s face.  And if they are not busy messing with that, they are across the room doing something they know they are not supposed to do.  Whew!  I’m exhausted just thinking about it.  And with two…. poopy diapers happen twice as often!

4.  You might have twins if you take advice from well meaning friends and family and just chuckle to yourself.  Clearly you have never tried to give a bath to two 10 month olds by yourself if you think that is an easy way to improve my babies mood.

5.  You might have twins if you have masters the art of parenting with all limbs.  I have used my legs and feet to rock babies, block babies, bounce babies, and even tickle babies.  Raising twins is literally an all hands on deck job (even all feet on deck please!)

You might have Twins If

6.  You might have twins if you hear “my kids are only 18 months apart, I know what you’re going through!” and you want to laugh.  I’m sorry, but no you don’t.  It’s just notthe same.

7.  You might have twins if your life is scheduled to the minute.  You know what time those babies need to eat and you do not follow the “never wake a sleeping baby rule.”  You want both those babies to sleep at the same time.

8.  You might have twins if you get angry when you see someone at Target using the two seater cart with a 3 year old and a 5 year old while you had to go back to you car and get the stroller and only be able to get half the stuff you needed…. Really?!  Your 5 year old can’t walk!?

9.  You might have twins if you get slightly panicked when you see a play ground.  There are so many places to run and hide…. in two different directions…. with two kids…. and there is only one baby swing…. Should I just go home now?

10.  You might have twins if you get to count in twos.  Two smiles, two giggles, two hugs, two kisses, two sweet babies to wake up every day.

You definitely have twins if you know it is all worth it and the joy of watching their special relationship and hearing them laugh together makes all the extra trouble worth it.


You might have Twins If


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  1. Fantastic post! I am especially laughing about the bath and the playground! Amen!!!

    [By the way, those things do get easier. At 3 1/2, our girls can play together in the bath, and I finally feel pretty confident about the playground, as long as it is small and/or in a fenced area.]

    But all the acrobatics are worth it 1000 times over when we see our sweet babies together. 🙂 🙂
    MandyE recently posted…The One Area in Which I Don’t Get Too Far Behind…My Profile

  2. Cute! My twins just turned 15 a few weeks ago, but I sure remember those very stressful and absolutely fabulous first years.
    Charlene recently posted…7My Profile

  3. Yup, yup! Especially about using your limbs and multitasking. I will never forget breastfeeding one baby on one side, pumping on the other, and rocking/putting the pacifier back in the other baby’s mouth using my foot! But I LOVE having twins, especially now that those days are behind me and I get to see their interaction and their love for one another! So precious! 🙂
    Melanie Keagy recently posted…Five on FridayMy Profile

  4. I was trying to explain to another mom (mutual friend of a friend) why it’s so frustrating when parents with only one child take the two seater carts at the grocery store and I actually got called rude! She said sometimes when parents have special needs children, that is the only way they can shop and it’s the closest thing they’ll ever get to Disneyland. I’m sorry but I think that’s absolute crap. What she doesn’t realize is that the two seater carts are ALWAYS the only way parents with two or more children can shop! (Two or more kids that NEED to be in the cart that is) SOOOO irritating!

  5. and yes, the “mine are X amount apart , I know what you’re going through” or “mine are 18 months apart and i had 4, not 2. it’s not that hard!” drive me freaking batty!! UMMM, did you have TWO children teething at the same time? Did you have TWO wobbly toddlers who can’t yet walk at the same time? I would hope not because even at only a year apart, by the time the younger one starts walking, the other should darn near be doing cartwheels (ok, exaggerating) by then! sheesh!

  6. I have 11 month old twins. I totally agree with ” give a bath to two 10 month olds”, Your statements are so true and funny! Especially those who say yea, mine are 18 months apart. Yep, not the same as twins! Darn those grocery card hoggers!
    Maya recently posted…Getting Things Done for Moms, Day 5My Profile

  7. I love this post!!

    The cart thing at the store is totally my story these days – someone either has 2 kids old enough to walk & listen or just one kid who could have rode in a single cart…I have 2 two-year-olds who don’t listen & need to be contained!! They end up getting to ride in the basket with the rest of the groceries – of which, I can’t buy as much of..uuugggg!!!! 🙂

  8. Pretty much described my day so far.

  9. Heather Philipp-Sharbaugh

    You forgot the best one…when people ask “Are they twins?” And then you must listen to how many other twins they know and how their great uncle fred was a twin and how they always wanted to have twins, all the while your twins are getting fussy and you are trying to frantically get through the grocery store as quick as possible to avoid any potential meltdowns that may occur.

    Love you post! Thanks for sharing.

    • Totally true. Every. Single. Time. we go anywhere, we get stopped by well-meaning people telling us about all the twins they know. Um, thanks. I’m pretty sure I know that I do not have the only set of twins out there. 🙂

  10. love it – we have ‘natural twins’ : surprise #3&4… My oldest is 5, then we have our 2 yo and twin 1yos. Its beautiful chaos. Simply put, you have to commend yourself for doing so much, yet it is so easy to being irate with ‘those-who-cannot-possibly-comprehend’ what you do, how you do it and the great feats of strength, stamina and unconditional love…. party on mom, party on 🙂 ps-playgrounds are no longer an option for us unless there is a 1:1 ration of adult:child – we invested in a playset for our yard =)

  11. Such a great post! Mine are only four months old, and I’m already realizing how true the “mastering the art of parenting with two limbs” concept is!

  12. I totally understand the cart thing. I usually just used stroller and dragged the other cart in the store or I used 2 buggys babies in the seats and stuff in the carts as the kids got older and aka faster, I would put 2 in one cart and stuff in the other. The looks are amazing, but it does get me in and out of the store.

  13. I’m going to show this to my 6-year-old twins to explain why I so often say, “No, we’re not taking the two-seater cart” at the store.
    Sadia recently posted…Still alive, just elsewhereMy Profile

  14. I so understand. Playgrounds are out of the question unless we
    have 1:2 ratio. We have a 3yo girl, 2 yo indentical girls, and 9 mo boy.
    I love the very personal questions, are they natural- why yes- they are not robots.
    It’s funny b/c all of our kids were surprises.
    I rarely take all four out by myself- especially not shopping.
    Thank you- very funny and true.
    Jaminthia Pillow recently posted…It’s been so long….My Profile

  15. HAHHA! Love the feet one too! I was making Christmas decor last night and both hands were being used, and i somehow had to hold something in place with feet and use my hands as well.. my hubby looked at me, and I was like using my mad twin mama skills!! ROFL

  16. My girls just turned 1 and just the thought of a playground makes me break out in a cold sweat. I loved this post and either nodded my head the whole time or laughed out loud! So glad that I am not alone!

  17. Almost 25 years later (gosh darn, time flies!!!), and I long for a day with those sweet little girls of mine. Yeah, it’s “hard,” but worth every second! One day you will miss these chaotic moments, and long to turn back time, if not for one magical day of experiencing that baby-toddler sweetness all over again. Hang in there mommies! ❤️❤️

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