What do I need to bring to the hospital?

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We both know that when we were pregnant the burning question (especially when you were nesting) was “So what do I really need to bring to the hospital?” You can search online and you’ll notice there are tons of different lists, and most are geared towards Moms who are going to deliver one baby. So we decided, let’s put together a list for our fellow MoM’s! Here’s our list:

-Personal ID, insurance card and any forms the doctor told you to bring

-Charger for your cell phones, trust us you will be making a lot of phone calls! Check with your hospital first because some do not allow the use of cell phones. If this is the case bring plenty of calling cards!

-A list of contacts of who you want to call

-Depends, yeah those depends. Seriously, we know it sounds crazy, but they work! You will feel much more comfortable walking around with depends than those mesh undies and pads they give you.

-Granny panties for the trip home (or if you choose not to wear the Depends). These will help keep the pad across your incision if you end up having a C-section.

-Nursing bra, nursing pads and breast pump if you are breastfeeding.
Most hospitals will bring in a lactation specialist who can teach you how to properly use your breast pump.

-Bathrobe for when you are walking around. You can also just ask for two hospital gowns to cover your backside.

-Cameras, again check with the hospital to see what their rules are with taking photos or video during delivery. Where we delivered you could not video the birth if it was a C-section but you could take photos.

-Batteries for your cameras, and lots of them!

-Baby books for your little bundles of joys foot prints

-Slippers or socks that have non-skids on the bottom for when you walk around the hospital.

-Flip flops or oversized shoes. You will be surprised that the shoes you may have worn into the hospital won’t fit on the way out. Both of us swelled more AFTER delivery and had to wear flip flops on the way home.

-Baby wipes, and lots of them! Hospitals do not provide these, and trust us you will want them!

-Blankets for your little ones. (For pet owners, see if you can have a blanket put with the kids and then take that blanket home to your pet so they can get used to the smell of your kids).

-An outfit for the babies’ first picture, if your hospital does this (most have a company come to your room and take photos of the kids)

-A take home outfit for you and babies. For your take home outfit plan on something you would have worn around months 4-5 of your pregnancy.

-Extra layers of clothes for you husbands, actually just clothes in general! This is one of the most forgotten things, honestly! Just as an FYI to the husbands out there, your wife/girlfriend will want the room ice cold (it’s the hormones) and the blankets the hospital provides are not that warm, be prepared. Think Steve Martin in Father of the Bride II.

-Something to keep you entertained. Now we know what you’re thinking, “But I will be spending every waking moment with my kids and guests” no, no you won’t, we promise you! While in the hospital waiting for the babies to be born, Lani lived off of 24 and Lost, and Amanda watched 4 seasons of Friends. Plus, if you can, bring a laptop so you can send photos to your family.

Did we leave anything out? This is a reader participation blog, so feel free to add your input!

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  1. Definitely flip flops! I had a c-section and couldn’t get into regular shoes for WEEKS.

    And maybe it’s just me, but I LOVED those mesh panties. I asked for extras and wore them for probably a month after delivering! They were comfy.

  2. My hospital provided slipper socks, diapers and wipes!!! One other thing I brought with me that I recommend to everyone is your own bed pillow. I was so happy to have my ultra comfy, smelled like home pillow with me.

    Oh, and if you’re on any regular prescription drugs and don’t want to wait 6 hours for the nurses to get an order from the on-call Dr., bring your own stash but don’t let them know you have it! This includes inhalers. Ugh, that was a PITA!!! 🙂

  3. It may sound crazy but the one things that I could not have lived without in the hospital was a universal remote control for the TV. I had two weeks of bedrest prior to the delivery and the hospital TV only had the control on the arm of the bed and the DVD Player had no way to control it from the bed. I am a channel surfer so this was essential to maintaining my sanity!! Also, when watching movies on the DVD player, the nurses always seemed to come in to check vitals at a critical moment. With no way to stop the movie… ugh!!

    When my hubby walked in one day with the universal remote control.. I fell in love with him all over again!!

  4. Woah, that universal remote idea is great! I wish I had thought of that. Hospital TV remotes are awful! For my pre-birth stay, I also brought snacks, because I needed to eat a lot and I didn’t know what the hospital would have.

  5. looks like you gals plus the others covered everything I can think of. I don’t think Itook anything to occupy me but then didnt need it because I tried to sleep when ever I could and was pretty much out of it the first day anyways because of blood loss and the pain med reaction when they switched from Morphine to demerol

  6. How about change for vending machines?

  7. It’s nice to give the NICU nurses a disposable camera (if your babies go that route) to take pictures when you’re not there. Many of us with emergency c/s were not even able to see the babes for over 12 hrs!! So any pics taken while you’re not there is so nice to get.

  8. Good stuff here. I can’t think of anything else beside maybe some treats for the nurses. Being a nurse myself let me tell you that it is the fastest way to the nurse’s heart. 😉

  9. I’m with Tracy..I rocked the heck outta those mesh panties..lol! And what a great idea about the disposable..never would’ve thought of that.

  10. Great list!

    I’d also suggest your pillow from home.

    And if your kids do have to stay in the NICU you’ll ABSOLUTELY want something to keep yourself occupied! My mom brought me a jigsaw puzzle as the NICU had no TV’s in the rooms. It was a great way to quietly pass the time.

    Another thing that was great to get from visitors, preemie sized take home outfits. Even if your babies are full term they will probably be on the small side because they are twins (trips).

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