Valentine’s Day Crowns

Last Valentine’s Day, we hosted a play date for a few of our twin friends.  We had heart-shaped sandwiches and some sweet treats, but the highlight of the party…what my now-four-year old girls are still talking about…were the “crowns” we made.

I am thankful to have created such a fun memory for our girls, and with eight kiddos between the ages of two and three…and only four adults…I can tell you the craft was an easy one, too.

I bought a package of 12” x 18” foam sheets at the craft store, and I cut each sheet into three long strips, each measuring 4” x 18”.  I used a circular template to cut three “scoops” from each strip.

I used a small hole punch on either end of the foam strips to attach pieces of elastic to close the crowns.


To decorate the crowns, I bought a pack of adhesive foam hearts.


The kiddos had a fun time adorning their crowns, and they were thrilled to run around the rest of the morning as the “kings and queens of hearts”.


My girls loved their crowns so much, they wore them until bedtime that evening.


My A and B are already asking if we’ll have their friends over this year for Valentine’s Day.  And I’ll be investing in more foam, as I know they expect to make crowns to mark the occasion.

Wishing you and yours a fun and memorable Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Cute! We’re definitely trying that!

  2. What a great craft idea! I like the use of adhesive hearts–no worries about glue messes!

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