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Thanks so much for dropping by. This website was set up over ten years ago by a group of mums sharing tips and stories about parenting twins. My twin daughters are now ten and I would love to hand it over to another parent of multiples to keep it going. If you would like to check out the opportunity, please check out the listing here on Flippa.

twin blog for sale

About the Opportunity

This is an exclusive, 100% original twin blogging directory designed to connect mothers of twins, triplets, quadruplets…i.e. mothers to multiple-babies. The blog was started over 10 years ago by a group of new mums to twins and we now our twins are growing up we would love to transfer this website to a new owner.

The blog, with a targeted domain name, showcases original tips, videos, and information on raising twins and multiple children. It has so far been updated with over 1,700 original articles! In addition to the unique design, you will find high quality, high paying keywords used throughout every page of the blog. For someone who can spend the time setting up promotional offers and ads, this website has huge money-making potential.

Please contact me here for any questions!

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