Twin studies. The innate taste for Chocolate.

Growing up with sisters as identical twins, and studying science, I am fully aware of the twin studies. Epidemiologists use twins for a variety of studies to compare inheritance and environmental factors to a multitude of health and behavioural studies. But enough of the fancy talk. Why, can you tell me can I have one twin who eats everything on a spoon compared to the other who will take one whiff of what’s on offer and will turn up her nose, and push you away? Solids have only been introduced for the last three months and even now the menu has barely deviated from farax, chicken, basic fruits and yogurt.

Adelaide and Moana

So how come baby Adelaide can already differentiate between the home made tuna and potato puree and chocolate cake? I kid you not. Not even a taste and she will purse her lips at the dinner in comparison to on Sunday as I indulged in Fathers Day black forest cake and as she was sitting on my lap, her mouth instantly opened up like a goldfish begging for her first bite. Amazing. Is it some innate ability to smell the taste of chocolate that overrides any other food that potentially would be healthy? Another science experiment I should pitch to the Epidemiologists. A research paper in waiting.

Moana: Yum Toast.
Adelaide: “Daddy says I am not his if I don’t like kiwi Marmite”
“See Adelaide, watch me.”
Ok Toast passes
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