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A lot of us who have been in the blogging community for a while know the story of Tuesday Fiona Whitt. For those of you who don’t, Tuesday was a little girl who lost her 8 month battle with stage 4 neuroblastoma in January, she was only 2 years old. Tuesday is also a twin. Debi from Who Says 8 is Enough is holding a Blog Party to help raise money for the Tuesday Fiona Whitt Foundation. Debi’s fundraising blog will be holding an auction that runs from May 5th until May 12th. To learn more about the auction and fundraiser please click here. To do our part, for every person that becomes a follower until 9:00 pm (EST) tonight (Monday March 30th) we will donate a quarter to the Tuesday Fiona Whitt Foundation. Please help show support for the Whitt family by becoming a follower or making your own donation. We are a community that finds strength within each other. Many of us have suffered loss of some form, lets face it that’s what comes with our situation. Others, like us, have been lucky enough to have healthy kids, but we know so many people who are not so lucky. We need to rally around the Whitts and help our families in need. You can find the Whitt Family blog here. Thank you for your support!

As we promised, we are giving away a something EVERY day this week! Today’s giveaway is for the “The Everything Twins, Triplets and More Book” by Pamela Fiero. Also, be sure to comment on this post (one entry), blog/tweet about this post (one more additional entry each), or become a follower (two additional entries) to enter for a chance to win. Just be sure to comment back and let us know you are a follower or that you did a blog/tweet about us! We’ll announce the winner tomorrow, so check back!

*This giveaway is now closed*
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  1. I have a friend that could totally use this book (11 weeks preggo with triplets).

  2. Thanks for the heads up about the blog party!

  3. What a great giveaway & great post! I have been following the Whitt Family via Who Says 8 is Enough. I have added your button! Spreading the news about your wonderful blog!

  4. What a sweet post today – I love it when people ban together to help others. Well done 🙂

  5. I followed Tuesday’s story. I will check out Blog Party. What a wonderful thing to do!

  6. Wow! Loving the great giveaways!

  7. I have followed Tuesdays story. Such a sweet little girl and wonderful family. Thanks for the great giveaways!

  8. I have 20 month old twin daughters! 🙂

  9. I follow and linked in my blog

  10. Thanks so much! Just sent you an email about Tuesday.

    I am loving all of the fun things you are doing here.

  11. Thanks so much for doing this for the Whitt family! Jess is a friend of mine and I am sure she will appreciate it! Debi (also a friend of mine) is such a great person to be doing this!

  12. I am a follower now. I could totally use this. My twins are 6 weeks old, and I am pretty clueless.

  13. I love this blog!
    Im a MoM w/ a 2 1/2 year old son and 11 month old B/G twins

  14. That sounds like an awesome book! And an awesome way to celebrate the life of Tuesday. Thanks!

  15. Thank you for stopping by my blog today and entering the giveaway! I see you have your hands full. A day of pampering for you is well deserved! Good luck with the giveaway!

  16. The Eadle Family

    I’m already a follower! 🙂

  17. Hey girls, popping over from SITS. I’m so excited about this site. Fabulous. I’m following you now.

  18. Thanks for doing this!

  19. I’m a follower and add the button to my blog.

  20. Added the button to my blog, this is such a great idea.

  21. I am following and will be checking out the blog party! God Bless Little Tuesday and her family.

  22. I already ahve the book, so don’t enter me. I just wanted to say that you’re doing a GREAT job with the new blog! The promotion is going crazy!

    I’m grabbing the button and I need to find a pic to enter for the photo contest. KUTGW! FUN!

  23. I just found you from Rachel! I am trying to be a follower…the site keeps erroring. I WILL be a follower as soon as it’s fixed 🙂 Love the site and the idea…I am a mom of Twins.

  24. Thanks for the link!

  25. I followed Tuesday’s story and cried when she died. I’m so glad this is being set up for her.

    I’m adding your button to my blog, and will follow you.

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