Tired of Saying “NO!”

Seriously folks…I am tired of saying “no.”

It’s so annoying.

So, I tried something new.

I tried saying “no” in a way that really sounded like “yes.”

It worked too…their eager little faces think that I’m giving them permission for something that I’m really denying.

Wanna know how it works?

Here are some examples:


“Mom, can I have a special treat?”

“Sure, honey…right after you eat all of your broccoli.”

(see?  I said yes, but I really meant no)


“Mom, can I wear my sundress to pick out a Christmas tree?”

“Sure, honey…as soon as the thermometer reads 85 degrees.”

(see?  I totally denied her request, but it sounded so pleasant that she never saw it coming)


“Mom, can I brush your hair and put it in pigtails?”

“Sure, honey…as soon as you can get all of these little silver ones to disappear, you’re on!”

(see?  Never gonna happen…)


“Mom, can I bring my stick collection in the house?”

“Absolutely…just make sure they’re all the same length and we’re all set.”

(eventually he loses interest and my job is done)


“Honey…you in the mood?”

“Definitely…just figure out a way to go back 2 hours and take back that snarky comment you made about me never folding laundry and I’m down!”



What’s your favorite way of saying NO?


Come visit me over here for some more “brilliant” yet sarcastic parenting advice.

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  1. Totally blew milk out of my nose with the last one! I hate being a “no” mom, thanks for the reminder to step up my game!

  2. LOVE it!!!! I am totally taking this on as a challenge!!! How can I NOT say ‘no’ tomorrow??? 😉

  3. Hilarious!
    Jamie recently posted…Time Warp TuesdayMy Profile

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