Tips on Potty Training

I’ve had a lot of requests for posts on potty training so I thought today would be a great time to re-post some of the amazing posts we’ve previously run on potty training.

The first post is an interview with Janeen Hayward of Swellbeing, an innovative company which provides parents with support via webinars, private consultation, and discussion groups.

We’ve also been lucky enough to have a couple of MoM’s write guest posts for us on how they potty trained their multiples. The first guest post is from Carla Rose who has twin boys. The next post was written by Heather of Mommy to Livie and Maddie. The final guest post is from Aimee of It’s Their World.

Are there any questions you still want answered? Leave them here and I will get them answered for you!

Have you already potty trained your multiples? What’s your best tip?

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  1. I don’t know if we were just lucky, but both my girls told me when they were ready. They were ready at different times…one at 27 months, and one at 33 months…but I am so thankful I was able to follow their cues.

    I was really overwhelmed by the idea of potty training, as there didn’t seem to be many “process ideas” out there (aside from “boot camp” methods). I know I only have two kiddos to draw this conclusion from, but it really did seem like a very individualized process.

    I heard Dr. Phil say one time, “You have to understand your child’s currency.” That makes so much sense to me. One may be motivated by stickers, another by fancy underwear, etc.

    I was not prepared for how emotional the process seemed for our girls. I understand it…so much was going on with their bodies, so much new responsibility…but it seemed like we had a lot more crying during the first few days.

    That said, my other piece of advice is, moms should reward themselves! 🙂 Seriously, have a stash of chocolate, or a juicy magazine, or plan for a bubble bath after everyone is in bed. My girls were both very “hands on” for the first week, which was exhausting. I needed a mental break!
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