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Welcome to Day 2 of our End of Summer Blog Party!

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We are starting off today with a fabulous giveaway fromTike Tech Strollers!
Tike Tech has come out with a brand new line of trendy, versatile strollers, and is giving away City x3 single stroller to one lucky winner today! Check out the great features!

“With its relaxed smooth geometry and front swivel wheel the new Tike Tech CityX3 offers both luxury and high performance all in one.

The lightweight oval shaped frame with dual rear suspension creates a totally snappy ride. With many child friendly features including infant car seat and bassinet compatibility the new CityX3 is a radically responsive stroller and a delight to push.

Standard features include a height adjustable handle, dual rear suspension, dual rear parking brake, one touch recline and harness system, and is suitable for newborns and toddlers.”

Even for families with multiples, having a single stroller is really important for those times when you get to spend a little one on one time with one of your kiddos! To win this great stroller, please visit the Tike Tech website, and tell us what you like best about their strollers!

For an extra entry, name a movie with the word “Summer” in the title!

For a few more, become a fan of us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or blog about this giveaway!

Remember to leave separate comments for each entry! Good luck!



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  1. I love the colors…the generous storage underneath and the front swivle wheel!

  2. I follow on twitter

  3. Wow, those strollers look like they are amazing to push!

  4. i'm a facebook fan

  5. How about "Summer School"

  6. I lik ehow they seem to sit up higher- maybe it's my imagination…it's early. tHey are very cool.

  7. Wet Hot American Summer- Oh Paul Rudd is Hilarious!

  8. I follow in twitter- Playersnamed

  9. I'm a fan on Facebook (Erin Ecklund Clotfelter)

  10. I love the adjustable handle. Love it.

  11. I also follow on Facebook.

  12. They only movie I can come up with is "I Know What you did Last Summer".

  13. I love the swivel wheels so it can be pushed on difficult terrains.

  14. Love the colors & the swivel wheels.

  15. Movie: Indian Summer

  16. I follow you on twitter.

  17. I follow you on Facebook, too. 🙂

  18. I love that they have a CLEMSON orange stroller 🙂

  19. I'm a Facebook Fan

  20. And a movie: I Know What You Did Last Summer

  21. Love all of the varieties of styles.

  22. Especially love that they have orange!!!

  23. Movie Title: "I know what you did last summer".

  24. I love the orange, the one piece handle bar and that it has a car seat adapter! What a great stroller:)

  25. Hands down, the big wheels make me so excited!

  26. It is totally unoriginal but all I could come up with is "I Know What you Did Last Summer."

  27. I am headed to Facebook to add you now.

  28. a movie with summer in the title is Endless Summer:)

  29. Great new stroller! I love all of the accessories they offer especially the warmers for the winter. I also love the water bottle holders instead of it being the plastic holder. jdelight

  30. what a great stroller!!! It would be perfect for when I take just one twinnie with me!

  31. 500 days of Summer

  32. My Summer of Love – movie (I was gonna use I know what you did last summer, but I see everyone else already did! hahaha)


  33. I am also a fan on facebook!:)

  34. Also…I just became a facebook fan of Multiples and More!


  35. Wow! I love all of the accessories they offer for their fab. strollers!

  36. Awesome giveaway!!! I love that it looks so easy to maneuver!!!

  37. Summer Holiday (1948) its a classic

  38. And I'm a facebook fan!

  39. I am a fan on facebook

  40. and I follow!

  41. I follow on twitter

  42. Crap, crap, crap. I missed this one. 🙁

  43. and well… "I know what you did last Summer"!!!

  44. Okay how do I enter? I am leaving a comment, not sure how to enter, LOVE all the prizes. I'll take any of them:-) Great blog ladies!!

  45. And I follow you!

  46. 500 Days of Summer!

    hehe…A girl can try to win, right?

  47. I like the dual rear suspension and the one touch collapse system!!

  48. I forgot to tell you what I like about this stroller.

    I have a friend with a double Tike Tech, and everytime she pulls it out of her car I am so jealous. I love the swivel tires, the big canopy, all the storage, and the fact that htye aren't super heavy!

  49. I love the sun shade on the strollers. Extra coverage to keep the sun and grabby hands out of the baby's face.

  50. Movie-

    "I know what you did Last Summer"

  51. Summercamp!

    I had to search on netflix to not copy the movie titles already used.

  52. I'm off to facebook to add you. Good thing I can get to it at work…hehe.

  53. I love the colors and how they are so great for the outdoors!

  54. Summer catch is a movie!!:)

  55. I love that the basket looks like it might actually be big enough to hold my diaper bag!

  56. I'm a facebook fan!!

  57. I'm now a fan on Facebook! (Deanna Hughes)

  58. Movie: Summer Catch!!

  59. I love the extra features they offer.

  60. I know what you did last summer.

  61. I follow you on Facebook

  62. I follow you on Twitter

  63. Love the adjustable handle. So important since I'm 5'1 and hubby is almost 6'4.

  64. I Know What You Did Last Summer.

  65. height-adjustable handle, for sure. i'm tall, my husband is…not. i wish all strollers had this feature!

  66. i'm a follower!

  67. and a movie…the dog days of summer (imdb is my friend.)

  68. It looks so comfy for the kid – not like my current umbrella stroller!

  69. Oh, and how about "Indian Summer"?

  70. For the movie what about…One hot summer!!

  71. THis stroller is awesome and I love the big wheels and the fact that it has only one front wheel..awesome!!

  72. I have your blog button on my site and belong to the blog.

  73. Cold as Summer(movie)

  74. I am a follower

  75. I love how it looks really sporty, good colors, swivel wheel and nice accessories!

  76. I love the swivel wheel & how sturdy the wheels look.

  77. The Endless Summer is a great surf movie!

  78. I'm a fan on facebook.

  79. I'm a follower on twitter.

  80. I blogged about this!!

  81. I like the swivel wheel and the suspension so I can take the boys off-road!

  82. Movie – One Crazy Summer (with John Cusack)

  83. i love the swivel wheel in front…its not easy finding a double with a swivel wheel in front. its is necessary though!

  84. endless summer…love surfer movies

  85. im a follower

  86. I am a fan on facebook.

  87. I am a fan of Shelby's blog.

  88. I put badges up on my blog.

  89. I joined the site.

  90. I love the Tike Tech Stroller for its durability and style. I am having my last child and only girl and want something special for her. This stroller would go with everything I have. It's like the essential little black dress to any woman's wardrobe, but instead the black stroller essential for every mom's life!

  91. i am going to twitter this contest as well 😀

  92. Summer Fling!

  93. Love the style of this stroller and all of the storage! I didn't realize that with twins, I'd need a single stroller… but it would come in very handy!

  94. And I'm now a fan on facebook! 🙂

  95. I love that the weight limit on the DOUBLE stroller is 50# per child. That is awesome for me. I also LOVE that it comes in RED!! 🙂

  96. My movie choice is A Summer Place

  97. I'm now following you on Twitter. Jbrooke

  98. I love the sleek look of the strollers!

  99. Days of Summer (2009)

  100. I love the water bottle handlebar holder. It is great that it can come off to be cleaned!

  101. And the movie, Summer Catch!

  102. Shooting Stars Mag

    I love this about it:

    The Tike Tech snap on Car Seat Adapter allows you to use your car seat safely with your stroller until your baby outgrows the car seat. This adapter installs in seconds without removing the seat! No tools required!

    Super handy!
    Lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  103. Shooting Stars Mag

    i am following you all on twitter: @shootingstarmag

    lauren51990 at aol dot com

  104. Shooting Stars Mag

    A movie with Summer in the title?

    (500) Days of Summer. I really want to see that!

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  105. I love the accessories they offer, and the ability to put a carseat in it as well.

  106. "I know what you did last summer"

  107. I subscribe…does this count as an entry on this contest, I am not sure?

  108. I love the large sun shades. I live in a very sunny climate, year round, and my boys are very fair. Thanks for the giveaway! goodwitchglinda at gmail dot com

  109. Movie: "Endless Summer" a surfing movie
    goodwitchglinda at gmail dot com

  110. I know what you did last summer!

  111. And I follow on twitter

  112. And I LOVE the sunshades! It'll be great for those late afternoon walks.

  113. I have a tall hubby, so I love the height adjustable handle!

  114. One Crazy Summer

  115. I like the big canopy, colors, and basic overall "look"

    Thanks 🙂

  116. i think that front swivel wheel will help me with my clumsy stroller skills! 🙂 VERY cool stroller!
    ame0831 (at) gmail (dot) com

  117. Dianna@KennedyAdventures

    I love the 3 wheel design

  118. Dianna@KennedyAdventures

    Movie is Summer Job (1989)

  119. Dianna@KennedyAdventures

    I'm a fan on Facebook

  120. Dianna@KennedyAdventures

    I've blogged about the End of Summer party!

  121. Dianna@KennedyAdventures

    I follow you on Twitter

  122. There's a movie called "Summer" (2008)

  123. I am a facebook follower

  124. Oh, what a great giveaway. I love the fact that you can snap the carseat into the stroller. I am all about convenience.

  125. Shannon @ S and G Photography

    I like the pack that straps onto the stroller.

  126. i love the way theese strollers look! they're gorgeous

  127. I love the idea of a "low drop down visor" most strolles visors are never big enough.

  128. "I know what you did last SUMMER"

  129. I LOVE the modern, sleek look to these strollers. Amazing!

  130. Mid summer nights dream! -movie

  131. I'm a fan on facebook!
    etsyteachermom at gmail dot com

  132. I'm a facebook fan!

  133. How about the movie "I know what you did last summer!"

  134. I like that you can snap your carseat into a stroller like this! I never bought a travel system stroller so my son's car seat doesn't fit into the stroller we have.

  135. I love the colors and sleek style! Also the swivel wheel is an awesome feature!

  136. I follow multiples and more on twitter!

  137. Movie: Summer Catch

  138. I love all of the color options!

  139. The movie I thought of was I Know What You Did Last Summer

  140. Each stroller has such amazing unique features, but I love that ALL their single models are Bassinet compatible which I think is great for infants and I MUCH prefer to car seat adapters (although they have that great feature too!)

  141. "The Endless Summer" — it's a surfing movie that I remember my dad (grew up in FL) watching sometime when I was in highschool… I don't really remember anything about it!

  142. I follow you on facebook!

  143. I love the swivel wheels. So easy to push

  144. Although not a movie, my first thought was the song “Summer Lovin” from Grease. Still a summery thought, right?

  145. I’m a facebook fan.

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