Things you never wanna hear….

We’ve all been there…that mad dash to the bathroom when you leave your kids unattended for what feels like an eternity, but is, in reality, about 5 seconds. My kids are kind of over achievers and while other kids may get into some trouble while their mom is gone- my kids excel at trouble and cause as much as humanly possible in the few seconds that I’m missing in action. So, I’ve amassed quite a collection of “things you never wanna hear while you’re in the bathroom” and I thought I’d share a few of them with you…

(hard to believe these sweeties ever get in to trouble, isn’t it?!)


*jump Jack, jump

*color here, Jackson

*oh no, Hailey, oh no


*I think the babies are awake, Jack, lets go check

*I’ll get you some milk

*ear piercing screams followed by, “I think the baby is sleeping on the floor”

*it’s ok, baby, I pick you up

*get me some wipes, quick, Jack

*oh look, baby rolled off the couch

*no jumping off the steps, Jack

*Jack went poopy

*there’s poopy on the couch

*momma I’m all wet

*that’s my barbie shoe, ellie


*you sit here, on the couch, baby

*my tools, baby, followed by a smack and crying

*Jack’s dripping

*let me touch that, Jack

*wanna see something cool, Jack

*look at this, Hailey

*let’s sneak up on the babies

*giddy up, baby

*you wanna be airplane, baby

*and the worst of all…absolute silence! Nothing gets a momma out of the bathroom faster than having the chatter of her children abruptly end!!

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