The Twins Baby Registry You Can Trust

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When it comes time to plan (or, better yet, attend) a baby shower in anticipation of your multiples’ arrival, is it on your agenda to arrive in a Rolls Royce like Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon did? (If it is, do let us know.)

Regardless of the vehicle in which you arrive, we’ll make sure you leave in style with our list of must-have products to register for.

To open the registry in printable format, click the download button below:



Cribs (2)

Crib mattresses (2)

Crib sheets (6)

Crib mattress protectors (2)

Changing Table (if desired)

Rocking Chair/Glider

Mobiles (if desired) (2)



Bouncy Seat (4)

Pack ʻn Play (1 to start)

Swing (1 to start)

Exersaucer (1 to start)

Sling or front-pack carrier (Baby KʼTan and other slings without metal or buckles and the Baby Bjorn get the best reviews from parents of multiples)

Double stroller

Infant car seats (2)

Cloth diapers (to use as burp cloths)

Baby bathtub (if desired)

Hold It Baby! On-the-Go Toy Organizer (found at (2)

Bumbo baby sitter (2)

Bumbo baby sitter tray (2)

High chair (the booster-style feeding seat) (2)

Boppy pillows (2)

Feeding helper ( or Podee Hands-Free Bottle System (you
can wait on this initially and see if you need it long-term)

*Itʼs impossible to list out the exact clothing items you should have in each size along with their quantity. Acquire as much as you feel might be necessary (itʼll be more or less than you think depending on the number of clothing changes required in a given day!) But there are some items you should ensure that you have on hand.

Onesies (12 total)

Halo SleepSack (4 total)

Socks (8 pair per baby)



24 bottles

24 nipples

bottle brush

Dishwasher basket for washing nipples

Drying rack for bottles

Formula powder measuring container


Breastpump (check with your local hospital about renting a hospital-grade


Breastfeeding Pillow

Lily Padz

Nipple cream

Breast pads

At least 3 nursing bras that you REALLY like

8 bottles (if you will offer breastmilk in a bottle at times)

8 nipples

bottle brush

Dishwasher basket for washing nipples

Drying rack for bottles

Pacifiers (purchase 8 total in any variety; one is usually no better than another, only

Pacifier holders for diaper bag (2 – different colors/patterns for each baby)

Diapers (3 packages of newborn and 3 packages of Size 1 to start)

Diaper bag (backpack style)

Feeding/Diaper changing log (link to one to print out) on clipboard


Headset phone

Ear plugs

Comfy PJs (3)

Voice Recorder


Crockpot recipe book

Scented candles

Page-A-Day calendar of your choice

Frozen meals in refrigerator (at least 6)

Pediatrician selected

*Previously run on How to Raise Twins*

Parents of Triplets and more, how accurate is this for you? Any items we missed?

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  1. 4 Bouncy seats?? I had 2 bouncy seats, and really 1 was plenty. 1 Bouncy, 1 swing. I think the amount of onesies is low. I would have as many as possible!! We went through a lot and the first few weeks my girls were in a onesie and swaddled. So the sleepsacks or Kiddopattomaus swaddlemes (4+) are essential.
    More diapers. Cannot have enough. Newborns go through about 16 a day if they are on a 3 hour feeding schedule.
    And I saw no mention of the EZ2Nurse double nursing pillow! A MUST HAVE!!!

  2. i agree 2 bouncy seats are enough. we just carried them around in them all the time. they even slept in them (in their cribs) – on that note, i would go with the miracle blankets since you didn't have to wrap the bottom part on and cold sleep in the bouncy seats.

    lastly, if you're mentioning the excersaucer then just add the jumperoo. it was a necessity in the "cycle" of activities to go between- excersaucer, floor time, jumparoo.

  3. Awesome, I wish I had this back when I was expecting the trips. Totally would have come in handy 😉 But good to know to send to any fellow friends that are preggo with multiples 🙂

  4. Love the list…but not totally sure why 4 bouncy seats are necessary….I am going to assume it was a type-o

  5. I agree with previous posts about only needing two bouncy seats (start with one and get a second if you need it). I didn't see bibs on the list. You need tons and tons of bibs. Also receiving blankets – we used lots of those, more than we thought we'd need.

  6. I'll echo the comments about bouncy seats too. Why on earth would you need 4 bouncy seats for 2 babies? Those things are portable. We did 2 bouncy seats, two swings (a full-size and a travel swing), a exersaucer, a jumperoo and two boppys. We also got by on about 12 bottles. It means we wash more but my girls never took 12 bottles each each day! I would say to buy 16, tops. Also, we couldn't live without our Double Snap N Go stroller. Sadly, we'll be retiring it soon…

  7. Echoing the need for only two bouncies. I have 9 month old quads and we had 3 bouncies and 1 swing. You definitely need more than 2 crib mattress protectors if you are using two cribs because when those get dirty, you have none to replace with! I recommend an exersaucer or jumping activity center for each baby (so you can contain them when they get mobile once in a while). We have four of these and it's great. I personally think bumbo's are a waste of space and money, but I know a lot of people love them. I also echo that 24 bottles/nipples is excessive. 16 tops and I would probably only go with 12 for twins as well because the 8 bottle a day phase is so short. Personally I use playtex drops-ins to decrease washing and save space. I only had 16 total for quads! and it didn't take me long to decrease this since I could just change the liners. I recommend the Graco Quattro Duo double stroller. We love it and it will grow with the babies as opposed to the snap n go styles that can only be used for a very short time! I'm all about practicality and space/money saving. If you don't need it, don't get it!!

  8. Rebecca @ Unexplained X2

    This list is a great idea…I was so lost when I was pregnant. One of the best things on this list is the headset for your telephone. I only use my cell, so a bluetooth was perfect, but it's a MUST! Even as they get older, my hands are never idle enough to hold a phone!

  9. I AGREE- 4 bouncies is a MUST- 2 upstairs and 2 down (unless you live in a ranch 🙂

    -super big (wide)nursing cover if you want to nurse in public 2 littles at the same time, or just because 4 hands grabbing at fabric can uncover you quickly.
    -2 baby books- have them do the footprints at the hospital, you’ll never get around to it and then it’ll be their first birthday and you’ll be wishing their feet were small enough to fit 🙂

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