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I’m sure most of you have seen the news, but I felt it fitting that I take some time to interrupt the party to make the announcement. I’ve hinted on Facebook and Twitter that there was something big coming and here it is!

Multiples and More will be changing, quite a bit, in the next few months. I’ve already mentioned that the site will be moving to WordPress and that the domain will be changing to (yahoo!), but there are some more changes too.

Multiples and More is merging with How to Raise Twins. (pause while I squeal and possibly throw up in my mouth…again) The always lovely Elizabeth and Erin are stepping down (you can read their note here) and I am, well, stepping up I guess you could say. I was approached by Elizabeth to take over the site and to say that I was flattered/flabbergasted would be an understatement. I have long admired the work that Elizabeth and Erin have done at How to Raise Twins and am happy to carry that work on. I only hope I can do it half as well as they did.

Over the next few months I will be integrating the posts from their site onto here. The weekly line up will change a little because of this. Here’s what the new weekly line up will look like:

Monday: Expert Interviews/Posts
Tuesday: Featured Blogger
Wednesday: Reviews and Giveaways
Thursday: Rebecca, Gina, Jen/Steph and Tonya
Friday: Elizabeth Lyons/How to Raise Twin posts
Saturday: Guest Bloggers
Sunday: QOTW/Photo of the Month

These changes will take effect starting next week.

If you are just joining us here from How to Raise Twins, welcome! And if you’ve always been here, thank you so much for being a part of these past two years! I hope to continue this amazing journey with you.

My virtual door is always open to all of you and if you ever need anything contact me at, on Twitter at either @multiplesnmore or @amandanethero, or on Facebook.


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  1. Sorry about that!

    Congrats Amanda! Very exciting news!

  2. Your Very Own Fairy Godmother

    Congratulations! That's incredibly exciting.

  3. Yea! That's awesome! =)

  4. How exciting! I've been a fan of Multiples and More almost from the beginning. This last year I've gone away from reading parenting blogs in my spare time to reading Real Food blogs. But just the past week or so I've been popping back over here a bunch. I want to get more involved in the awesome community that is going on here at Multiples & More. So I'm glad to hear your good news!


  5. Wow!! How very cool! All sounds super exciting! I love popping over here and reading all the posts (just a bad commenter! egads!)

  6. Congratulations Amanda! What exciting changes!

  7. Rebecca @ Unexplained X2

    Incredible news…if you need help with anything, let me know! I love to help out!

  8. What a great merge!! This will be fun and I love all of the new things we learn and be able to share.

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