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QOTW: Winter Activities

We had a bit of a cold spell this week in Central Florida and it got me to thinking about activities to do with your kids when the weather is too cold (or for some of our readers who are currently in the summer months, too hot).  For us, we …

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I See Me! Books

I received an amazing personalized children's book from I See Me! books.  I See Me! offers several different books that are perfect for any occasion. I received the "Who Loves Me?" book and I seriously teared up the first time I read it. This beautifully illustrated book reassures the twins …

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Remove the Child – Keep the Curtains

At times, parents of twins get so caught up in the twin relationship that they unknowingly lose sight of their bigger parenting responsibility. A few months ago a couple sought my advice about how to minimize the fighting and competitive behavior between their four-year-old fraternal twin boys. Mother explained that …

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Don’t Bite Me

By Elizabeth Lyons For toddlers, more often than not, biting, hitting, or jumping on top of a sibling is not so much a deliberate act of aggression as it is a result of a toddler's inability to express his needs and frustrations. If you did not have words to tell …

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