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Tips to Track Flu Season

Well, I guess it's that time of year. See you all next spring. We've started our second--and last!--winter lockdown. I must admit, I tried to wriggle out of this one. I went so far as to ask my other quad mom friends if it was really necessary to do this …

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Mike of Big Time Family Blog

The featured blogger this week is Mike of Big Time Family Blog! Mike is the proud parents of 7 kids, yup 7. Meagan (19), Rachel (16), Jonathan, Matthew, Nathaniel & Franchesca (10), and Alexandra (5). Are they not the most beautiful family you've ever seen? What made you decide to …

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Shout Out of the Week: Rachel of Woollen Quads

This weeks shout out belongs to Rachel of the Woollen Quads! Rachel is the proud MoM of 2 year old quadruplets, Parker, Kaden, Brett and Cooper. Here are some of her, and our, favorite posts: Are those triplets?: Ah the silly questions we get asked in public! Busy, Busy, Busy: …

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