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Guest Post: PostPartum Anxiety

When I went in for my 6 week post-op appointment I, like many new mothers, was educated on postpartum depression. Scott was there with me and took note of what our doctor said to look for. However, something my doctor didn’t cover, and many don’t, is the sister of postpartum …

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Guest Blogger: Julie of Triplet Tales

Are Mother’s of Multiples More at Risk for Postpartum Depression? Julie Gillespie Author: Magical Multiple Moments Editor: Triplettales.net Is it more common for moms of multiples to have postpartum depression (PPD) than moms of singletons? It seems like a facetious question. Well, is it more common for someone with more …

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Expert Interview: Dr. Shoshana Bennett

This week we're talking with Dr. Shoshana Bennett, Ph.D., or Dr. Shosh, clinical psychologist and survivor of two life-threatening postpartum depressions. She's the author of Pregnant on Prozac, author of Postpartum Depression For Dummies, and past president of Postpartum Support International. Her first book, Beyond the Blues, won two iparenting …

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