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Well Hello Embarrassing

Let’s skip all the mundane chit-chat about the evening’s errands and get to the good stuff shall we? All that was left on my list was deodorant. I was in my normal catatonic state that I slip into in order to make it through Wal-Mart without pulling my hair out. …

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Momma Bird

My family recently watched a mother bird build her nest from scratch. We watched her lay her eggs. We watched them hatch and learn to fly. We witnessed the dynamics of what a Mother bird does for her young. She didn’t sit in the nest with them day in and …

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Kerry of New2Two

The featured blogger this week is Kerry of New2Two! Kerry is the proud MoM of 3 year old twin girls, H and L.  Kerry had a long road to mommahood and blogs about it in her Fertility Friday posts.  I hope all of you enjoy New2Two as much as I …

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