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Stimulating the Mind of a Toddler

To a typical toddler (perhaps two or three years old), the world is full of wonder. Everything is new and curious. It is easy for parents or nannies to foster the curiosity and learning of toddlers . . . opportunities abound in every interaction and in every environment. Here are …

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Boosting Kids’ Self Esteem

Candi from Nannies4Hire.com sent over this fantastic post about boosting kids' self esteem, I had to share it. Kids ages five to 12 years old often exhibit self-doubt. They don’t think they’re good at a particular task, even though they may actually be quite good at it. Here are some …

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Teaching Kids about Healthy Competitive Spirit

Introduction to Competition by: Candi Wingate Competition. Some people shy away from it; others thrive on it. Some people are “good sports” (winning and losing graciously) while others are “poor sports” (when winning, lording over the vanquished, and when losing, becoming angered or sullen). Competition is the driver of many …

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Ways to Get Kids to Listen

This week we have another great post from Candi of Nannies4hire.com. You have asked Janie to clean her room three times now . . . but she just doesn’t seem to hear you! What can you do to get your Janie to listen? • When you prepare to tell your …

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How to Handle Unwanted Parenting Advice

Today's post is from Candi of Nannies4Hire.com We’ve all been there. You’re at the park with your kids when another parent comes up and says, “You know, you really should supervise your kids more closely.” Or how about when your mother-in-law says, “You are spoiling your kids. Kids don’t need …

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Ultimate Guide to Twins

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