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QOTW: Winter Activities

We had a bit of a cold spell this week in Central Florida and it got me to thinking about activities to do with your kids when the weather is too cold (or for some of our readers who are currently in the summer months, too hot).  For us, we …

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Featuring You!

One of my favorite things about the site is that it connects all of us to each other, and introduces all of us to so many different blogs. Today is all about featuring you and your blogs! Below is a Linky for you to sign in with your blog and …

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Don’t Bite Me

By Elizabeth Lyons For toddlers, more often than not, biting, hitting, or jumping on top of a sibling is not so much a deliberate act of aggression as it is a result of a toddler's inability to express his needs and frustrations. If you did not have words to tell …

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Encouraging Positive Interaction

A topic that everyone seemed to want to see discussed was how to encourage positive interaction amongst their multiples. I was really excited to see that I was not the only one that wanted more information on the topic (read: I was excited that I wasn't the only one having …

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My Au Pair Experience

My Au Pair Experience If you are a parent of multiples, you probably have a little more difficulty in finding suitable childcare than most. And if you are a parent of triplets or more.. well, it’s even harder. I stayed home with my triplets for their first 2 years, and …

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