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Multiples and More Question of The Week: A Day in Your Life

As parents of multiples, we are all connected together by a common thread- the joy and chaos that multiples bring! The best aspect of blogging is the sharing of knowledge and experience, and with our vastly different lifestyles, families, and experiences, there is much to be learned from one another. …

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Multiples and More QOTW: Tips for handling storms

I'm not sure if the weather has been as bad by you as it has here in sunny Florida, but the storms are out of control. I'm talking about high speed winds, heavy rain, extra loud thunder, crazy lightning and maybe some hail in the mix. Right now my kiddos …

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Happy Mother’s Day!

First of all we want to wish all our beautiful MoM's (and GrandMoM's!) a very Happy Mother's Day!Today's question of the week is in honor of all of us mother's in the world: What is your favorite thing about being a MoM? Dad's you can play along too, what do …

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Multiples and More QOTW: “Go To” Dinners

Happy Easter everyone! When you come down off of your chocolate bunny-sugar high, we have another Question of the Week for you! We can all use a little inspiration in the kitchen, especially when dealing with picky palates! What are your "go-to" meals? Please include recipes/links if possible! What do …

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