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Handling What People Say

My twin girls are four. By now, the “You’ve got your hands full!” comments are old hat. The “Better you than me!” comments are still inappropriate, but they don’t cause my blood pressure to rise the way they once did. My canned answer to “Double trouble!” is, “Double blessings!” and …

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QOTW: Sick Kids

The winter plague is among most of us. Every time I talk to my parents in Chicago they are telling me about how the hospitals cannot even handle the amount of people with the flu right now. This past week I was home with Jill because she had a case …

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QOTW: Halloween Pumpkins

We haven't carved our pumpkins yet (the photo is from last year), but it is one of my favorite things to do around Halloween.  Now, I don't like scooping out the insides (gross!) and I'm not particularly good at carving (you can tell which pumpkin is mine), but I love …

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QOTW: Halloween Costumes

I know, it's crazy we are already talking about Halloween! I've seen people talking about costumes already and when I popped by Target last night they already had costumes out. For the kiddos first Halloween (they were only a few months old) I just put them in "Happy Halloween" shirts …

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Moneywise MoM: Frugal Ways to Get “Me Time”

Finding "me time" is hard for most moms, but I found it especially difficult when my twins were infants and toddlers (remember I also had an older child). Seemed like I couldn't leave them with anyone--most friends, family and sitters I tried were overwhelmed--which was how I felt most of …

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