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An exciting new train property for preschoolers, “Chuggington” currently airs daily on Disney Junior, Disney Channel’s learning-focused programming block. The colorful and contemporary CGI-animated TV series follows the amusing adventures of three young trainees, Wilson, Brewster and Koko, as they learn to “ride the rails” of life and become productive …

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End of Day 1 Giveaways!

It's the end of the first day of giveaways. I hope you're loving the prizes as much as I am! Be sure to keep checking the Linky with all of the community member giveaways, and in case you missed any, here are the giveaways from today:Max & Ruby Rainy Day …

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BOOM! By Cindy Joseph

In last weeks post on feeling beautiful I mentioned BOOM! By Cindy Joseph. BOOM! By Cindy Joseph is a multi-purpose trio of makeup. Boomstick Color, Boomstick Glo and Boomstick Glimmer are a full makeup bag in three easy to use (and easy to carry) sticks. Each comes in one meticulously …

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The Greener Good

I was introduced to a new shop called The Greener Good. The Greener Good is the ultimate resource for going green. They provide products, services, and educational opportunities for those interested in greening their homes, lives, and families. The Greener Good product offering includes home, lawn & garden, home improvement, …

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The next giveaway is from SafetyTat! SafetyTat was created by Michele and Bob Welsh and is a great tool for helping parents of small children keep their little ones safe when out in public. Safety Tat is a temporary tattoo which can be pre-printed, or written on, with any information …

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Big Time Rush

Your favorite four best friends from Minnesota are hitting it big with their first DVD, Big Time Rush: Season One, Volume One. Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan trade in their hockey sticks and parkas for a chance at music superstardom in Los Angeles, but the road to success isn’t easy! …

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Tag Along Adventure

By now we are all aware of my obsession with Etsy and the fabulous stores that they have on there. Tag Along Adventure is one of my new favorite stores. This store is all about positive parenting and using the token system to reward your children. Here's a description of …

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Max and Ruby: Rainy Day Play!

The first giveaway in the 2nd anniversary party is Max & Ruby Rainy Day Play! This is the newest (and not even released) DVD from Nickelodeon.This is a perfect DVD for Spring, and the showers that come with it (or in some state's cases, snow). Here is a quick run …

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2nd Blog Anniversary Giveaway Link Up!

Welcome to the first of three days of giveaways! The official giveaways will start at 7 am (EST) each day and the last giveaway each day will post at 7 pm (EST). The giveaways will be every 2 hours, this way you have plenty of time to check everything out. …

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The Best of Multiples and More

Multiples and More has made a lot of progress in the past year, and has undergone a lot of changes, with still more to come. I'm definitely still trying to figure out what works and what doesn't work and continue to try and keep the content fresh, informative, and entertaining. …

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