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Little Miracle Mission

In celebration of its 50th birthday, Pampers is recognizing how much parenting has changed over the years, and is sharing their belief that every baby is a little miracle that deserves to be celebrated, supported and protected, by unveiling its Little Miracle Mission campaign – a program that delivers acts …

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Photo of the Month

Welcome to this months Photo of the Month! This month we are featuring some of your favorite photos, in a little bragging-rights only contest. Vote for your favorite 3 photos and we will announce the winner next week. Don't forget to stop by the blogs of all of these cuties!#1A …

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Guest Blogger: Marissa of 4 Little Monkeys

"Your child is autistic. Make a follow up appointment for two months for now.” I’ll never forget those words. It was almost like a knife in the stomach for me. Christopher was 15 months old at the time. We took him to a neurologist bec...ause he had an abnormal MRI, …

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Finding a Babysitter

All things are possible until they are proven impossible--and even the impossible may only be so as of now. --Pearl S. Buck A reliable, trustworthy sitter is going to come in quite handy over the next few years. This is the person upon whom you'll rely when you need to …

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Giveaway: Saflower Designs

Today's giveaway is from Saflower Designs which is owned and operated by a fellow mother of twins.Saflower Designs specializes in adorable headbands and clips for your little girls.Seriously, is this not the cutest headband you've ever seen? And that's just one of the many headbands and clips she has in …

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Review and Giveaway: Touchy Tags

For some reason whenever there is a new baby (or in our case babies) around complete strangers feel the need to touch them. *Shudder* I'm a borderline germaphobe at times and I absolutely despised when people would go to touch my kids. Where have their hands been? Do they even …

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