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Happy Father’s Day!

"It's a wise father that knows his child." ~William Shakespeare, Dad of twins...and famous playwright I know today is the Photo of the Month, but it's also Father's Day and we cannot not have a post just for our Dad's.  So the bonus QOTW this week isn't really a question, …

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Guest Blogger: Mary of Making Family Life Fun

Twin TalkI can still remember the dinner when Allison suddenly said “i-gh” while pointing at the light switch. We all laughed (I almost cried) and turned the lights on and off with her command, celebrating the first word sound we had heard her say. Michelle got in on the fun …

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In-Laws, Out-Laws, and the Triangle of Truth

by Lisa Earle McLeod  The pressure may be subtle or it might be full-on war, but there's hardly anyone alive who hasn't felt judged and critiqued by their in-laws. Whether it's your father-in-law suggesting that being a freelance designer isn't a "real career" or your mother-in-law giving you lessons on …

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