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How to Handle Unwanted Parenting Advice

Today's post is from Candi of Nannies4Hire.com We’ve all been there. You’re at the park with your kids when another parent comes up and says, “You know, you really should supervise your kids more closely.” Or how about when your mother-in-law says, “You are spoiling your kids. Kids don’t need …

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An Artificially Awake Mom

Only Children, Raising Kids with Siblings My husband and I are only children. We grew up with cousins and friends around, but not only sibling among us. So when we contemplated having children, we knew we wanted our children to be just that; more than one. When we considered the …

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Multiples and More QOTW:

  First of all let me start by wishing all of you amazing MoM's a very happy Mother's Day! I hope you are having a fantastic day!  The main reason I went home to Chicago last week was for my best friend's wedding. Y'all have "met" my best friend Kristin, …

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Shout Out of the Week: Our Safari

This week our shout out belongs to Jennifer of Our Safari! Jennifer is the proud MoM of 3 year old Elijah, 2 year old triplets Joshua, Esther and Jacob and 1 year old Hannah. Jennifer is one of the most down to Earth, friendliest MoMs in the blog world. I've …

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