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Featured Blogger: Angela of Friesen Funny Farm

  This weeks Featured Blogger is Angela of Friesen Funny Farm. Angela is the proud MoM of Chris (13), Luke (12), Ashley (11) and two year old triplets. Angela's story is a unique one and a great one! ************************************************* You are the proud MoM of 6 beautiful children, can you …

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Expert Interview: Two Career Parenting

For many of us, a two career home is a necessity. Sometimes it doesn't start out that way and we often wonder, can we make the transition? Today we are talking with two different experts, Tammy Gold of Gold Parent Coaching and our very own Lani Lyons. Tammy is the …

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Guest Blogger: Julie of Triplet Tales

Are Mother’s of Multiples More at Risk for Postpartum Depression? Julie Gillespie Author: Magical Multiple Moments Editor: Triplettales.net Is it more common for moms of multiples to have postpartum depression (PPD) than moms of singletons? It seems like a facetious question. Well, is it more common for someone with more …

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Guest Post: Julie of Triplet Tales

Who’s the Most Special?As a mom of five I know how hard it is to squeeze out time for everyone in the family, including myself. Starting off this parenting journey as a single parent of one working part time, to a full time parent of five working overtime, I know …

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Guest Blogger: Jen of Buried with Children

At What Age Can Kids Understand Sarcasm?I have never claimed to be a parenting expert, quite the opposite actually. I really have no idea what I am doing in this parenting thing. I just go with the flow and make it up as I go along.That is why I have …

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Product Review (and Giveaway!): Inspired Life {Hats}

Congratulations to Gretch on winning the $50 gift certificate from StephieMc Designs! Email us at multiplesandmoreblog@yahoo.com so we can get you your fabulous prize!******************************************************************************* I got to receive, and review, a beautiful hat from Jaclyn of Inspired Life {Hats}. Jaclyn, a MoM of 7, including identical triplet girls, makes these …

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Shout Out of the Week: Our Safari

This week our shout out belongs to Jennifer of Our Safari! Jennifer is the proud MoM of 3 year old Elijah, 2 year old triplets Joshua, Esther and Jacob and 1 year old Hannah. Jennifer is one of the most down to Earth, friendliest MoMs in the blog world. I've …

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