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Moneywise MoM: Plan Ahead for the Holidays

*Gina is stuck in the mess from Hurricane Sandy, so we are rerunning her post from last November* It's time! Get into the spirit and start thinking about the holidays, everything from cooking to entertaining to gift shopping to cards. Yikes! Take a little time to plan ahead for the …

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Moneywise MoM: Meal Planning

Back when I was on bedrest with my twins (they had a mild case of TTTS), we were eating lots of takeout and fast food, receiving meals from our local MOMS Club, and just getting by. I spent a lot of time thinking about cooking and how I would do …

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Moneywise MoM: Saving on Halloween

Don't let Halloween frighten you! Outfitting the multiples (and their siblings) and enjoying the holiday doesn't have to bust your budget. Consider some of these ways to save on this fun month of October, and share our own tips in the Comments! Costumes There are so many ways to dress …

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