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Janice of MommaWords

We chose to bank our twin’s umbilical cord blood. I am amazed that saving some blood from the birth process could some day, not only save my child’s life, but could also prevent a fellow family member from having to go through the bone marrow donation process. I understand that …

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Guest Blogger: Janice of MommaWords

On a very serious note…Child Predators I recently watched a Law and Order SVU episode with a story line based around the molestation and murder of a little girl by a WOMAN assailant. It made me wonder how many victims of female assailants are out there? What can we as …

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Featured Blogger: Janice of MommaWords

This weeks featured blogger (and last one of 2010) is Janice of MommaWords. Janice is a MoM of twins and an RN with a site focusing on what has and hasn't worked for her. What made you start MommaWords? I started MommaWords because I realized that there is a ton …

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