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Multiples and the New Baby


If you'll allow me, I'll state the obvious. Having multiples is not the same as having singletons. There are skills they learn differently, their developmental timelines can be shifted, and they have the incomparable benefit of having another child their own age to observe... constantly. And, obviously, they have their …

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Wait a minute, did I just say duct-tape?

It's that wonderful time of day again, an exhausting yet exciting time that we look forward to from the moment we awake in the morning. Yes, it's bedtime. Time to gather any remaining energy you have left from your busy day into chasing, tackling, lotioning dressing, and duct-taping your children. …

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Lisa of Twins Bash

A New Mom No More One morning when my nine-month old twins were napping, I found myself in a rare situation: bottles were cleaned, I was showered and fed, I wasn’t exhausted and I wasn’t dying to nap. This meant only one thing: I had time to surf the internet! …

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Guest Blogger: Melissa of Learning Mommy

I gave birth to twin boys at 26 weeks gestation. Doctors didn’t know whether they’d survive, but after months in the NICU and procedures and surgeries they made it and we got to bring them home. Life was manageable. At least that’s what I started telling people after a while. …

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