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Tips for Getting Kids out of a Food Rut

  My kids have always been strange eaters, and I say strange in the most loving of ways. I cannot get them to eat pasta to save my life. I've tried every type of noodle you can imagine and every sauce to boot. For a while they liked whole wheat …

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Product Review (and Giveaway!): The Sneaky Chef

Congratulations to Steph! You have won a copy of Sneaky Fitness! Please email us at multiplesandmoreblog@yahoo.com to claim your prize!This is our second in a series of four reviews/giveaways from The Sneaky Chef. Last week we talked about Sneaky Fitness, which is the latest book. This week we're reviewing the …

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The Sneaky Chef: Sneaky Fitness

The winner of the Scenarios for Girls giveaway is MandyE! Congratulations MandyE! Simply send us an email at multiplesandmoreblog@yahoo.com to claim your prize! For the next four weeks we are going to be reviewing and giving away all four of the Sneaky Chef books. Today we are starting with Missy …

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Ultimate Guide to Twins

Are you expecting or raising Twins, Triplets or Higher Order Multiples?

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