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Valentine’s Features

Here is a link up of all of today's "How We Met" stories. Thank you to everyone for sharing your stories with us! How Amanda Met Scott How Jill Met Mike How Sadia Met Lucas How SuperMommy Met M How Andrea Met Ricky How Jessica Met Kevin How The Mommy …

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How Britni met Abraham

The spring/ summer of 2000 had been a rather rough for me. I had become somewhat reclusive due to some painful events that has happened. Other than working I pretty much kept to my self. On the morning of August 5th while I was getting ready for work my mom …

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How The Mommy met The Daddy

A Match Made If you didn't ask, you would never know that my husband and I don't have the typical "boy meets girl" kind of relationship story. You see, I paid $4000 dollars to a matchmaker to be introduced to my spouse. He paid around $3000 to meet me; I still don't know …

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How Jessica met Kevin

I started working at an Architectural and Engineering firm as a receptionist. There was the guy that worked as an Architectural Intern that I thought was pretty cute. He would come by the front desk and throw a mint my way (there was a bowl of mints at the front …

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How Andrea met Ricky

Ricky and I were both students at the Illinois State University’s School of Theatre and had many mutual friends since the department was so small. We even shared a class together where we both secretly admired the other but didn’t dare say anything since we were both in different relationships …

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How SuperMommy met M

Me and M on our wedding day What you have to know about me and M is that our life together is based on one fundamental concept- the joy of randomness.  If it wasn't for pure coincidence, absurdity, and silliness, we never would have gotten together. Me in my studio- …

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How Sadia Met Lucas

We were both hitting the Austin bars on New Year's Eve. Lucas caught sight of my friend Lori getting drinks, and began to flirt with her. She brought him over to meet me. We started talking, kissed at midnight, and were engaged 6 days later. On Valentine's Day, 6 weeks …

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How Jill Met Mike

I was 21 years old living in Honolulu. While sunbathing at one of my favorite beaches, I noticed a bunch of military guys setting up close to me. I noticed that one was kind of buff, the others average, but one was cute AND reading a book. We didn't strike …

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How Amanda met Scott

Something that I love about Valentine's Day is everyone's stories about how they met. I put out an open call on Facebook and Twitter for everyone's love stories and got a great response. There are so many amazing stories and I cannot wait for all of you to read them. …

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