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Story of one mum with Twin Boys

When I found out we were going to have twins, many years ago, I had a strong feeling that whatever they were (boys or girls), they were the same. I just knew from the moment I first saw two little heart beats that there was not one boy and one …

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My Reality

These last 6 weeks have been a whirlwind. I’d love to tell you that everything has been going great and that we are all settled in our new routine, but that’s just not the case. Now please hear me, there are great moments and most of the time our routine …

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Valentine’s Day Crowns

Last Valentine’s Day, we hosted a play date for a few of our twin friends.  We had heart-shaped sandwiches and some sweet treats, but the highlight of the party…what my now-four-year old girls are still talking about…were the “crowns” we made. I am thankful to have created such a fun memory for our …

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Crying Out

It’s no secret that having twins is difficult. I’ve talked about it in my previous posts and will continue to talk about it until it’s no longer a struggle….so you’ll probably hear about it as long as I have this little blog. When we found out I was expecting twins …

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Well Hello Embarrassing

Let’s skip all the mundane chit-chat about the evening’s errands and get to the good stuff shall we? All that was left on my list was deodorant. I was in my normal catatonic state that I slip into in order to make it through Wal-Mart without pulling my hair out. …

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The Christmas Jar

This weekend we started our second annual Christmas Jar. I first heard of Christmas Jars last year from Tasha, a fellow twin mom and blogger. She uses the jars to keep Christmas centered on making memories as a family. With our boy/girl twins only being 18 months old last year, …

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Things you never wanna hear….

We've all been there...that mad dash to the bathroom when you leave your kids unattended for what feels like an eternity, but is, in reality, about 5 seconds. My kids are kind of over achievers and while other kids may get into some trouble while their mom is gone- my …

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