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The winner of yesterday’s giveaway is Nicole O’Dell from What a Trip! Congratulations, Nicole- shoot us an email with your info and we’ll get your signed copy of Cheryl Lage’s “Twinspiration” in the mail!

Happy Wednesday, and welcome to our first product review! This week we chose something that we both have experience with: Signing Time! Many experts recommend teaching sign language to infants as a way to facilitate communication between adults and babies before they are actually able to speak (the babies, that is). It has even been suggested that by teaching sign language to toddlers, you can greatly reduce or eliminate the “terrible twos” phase, because with the ability to sign, children are able to communicate what they want and need instead of throwing a tantrum.

Lani: Eliminate the terrible twos? They had me at ‘hello’. We started watching Signing Time with our kids when they were young, at about 4-5 months, and we still watch it every day at some point. I love this DVD series for a few reasons, but mainly because my kids love it. They are absolutely captivated by the music, colors, and by Rachel, the co-founder/narrator of Signing Time. My kids really don’t sit still to watch TV very often, but they definitely enjoy this show. Lily started signing about 2 months ago at 14 months, and my boys are just starting now, but many babies can sign much earlier. Now she signs “eat”, “more”, “dog”, “bird”, “milk” and “father”. Here’s Lily, signing at 15 months.

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Seeing my kids starting to sign is so much fun, and I can really see how it will be beneficial. Now, when they are hungry, sleepy, sick, they can sign it instead of getting frustrated. And the added bonus? I can still hear the theme song, and it doesn’t drive me crazy- I actually like it! I have several volumes on DVD and they are all very cute, and entertaining.

Amanda: I had actually never heard of Signing Time until I met Lani. I would just show the kids the My First Signs from Baby Einstein every once in a while, but after I saw the success Lani was having I had to try it for myself! My kids LOVE the DVD we have (we have My First Signs) and smile every time it comes on. I try to watch it with them once a day, and it’s perfect because it makes it easy for you to learn as well so you can sign along with your kids. My husband, Scott, took sign language as his foreign language in college, so he tries to sign with them too on a regular basis. My kids are still learning, and I haven’t really seen them do any signs yet (but if you ask Scott he will tell you they are signing “more” and “dog”), but I think it is an awesome DVD and can’t wait to complete the series!

The volume we are giving away today is Volume 1: My First Signs, which is a great dvd to start with because it includes all the basic signs that will be most useful, like “more”, “milk”, “mom”, and “dad”. Please check in below, and leave a comment to enter this giveaway. Blog, follow, and tweet about it for extra entries! Be sure to leave us comments for everything you do. And don’t forget, visit your fellow MoM’s blogs and say hello!

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  1. I just signed up to follow! I’m Sarah and I’m a 25 year old mom to 13month old GGB Triplets! my blog is

  2. Congrats Nicole!

    I love Signing Time! I learned about it while I was pregnant and stocked up on the volumes. I have just started signing with them(mainly when they’re in their highchairs and actually paying attention). Definitely a good product:)

  3. Mine LOVE Baby Signing Time. It it like baby crack. I pop in the DVD and they actually SIT and watch it at least 2x while I get stuff done around the house!

  4. I always wanted to try this with my first..maybe now is my chance to try it with my second?

  5. My friends swear by this, but I’ve never been able to get it myself. I’d love to check it out!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. i would love the chance to win this! i have heard great things about it!!

  7. I’m definitely excited to try to find this video to use for my 5 month old triplets. A friend of mine used something similiar with her singleton and by 7 mos she was signing for “bottle” and “more” and “tired” which would be soooo useful for me or any of us with more then one!

  8. We LOVE Signing Time! I can not say enough good things about it! We have nearly everyone and they made such a HUGE difference with all our little ones communicating with us!

  9. I grabbed the button! Loving the blog so far!

    I did signing with my middle child. Never did with the twins. Not really sure why. Life sure was easier when she could tell us what she wanted instead of us guessing!

  10. I haven’t seen the DVD and am excited about it. I do sign simple things with my kids, especially at the table. My twins were signing all done at the table at 9 months. It is huge and then they can communicate with other moms who also use sign, which makes a huge difference!

  11. JustaKidAtHeart

    I took sign all through school and DH works with people with disabilities. This is really something we want to teach our boys.

  12. We LOVE sign language. When DS was not talking well enough to understand he would get so frustrated b/c we didnt know what he wanted….we started using sign language and it helped a TON!

  13. i would love a chance to do that with my little one!

    thanks for the chance to win

  14. The Eadle Family

    That’s awesome. Here is my entering comment! I was told I should teach my toddlers to sign since they still don’t speak. 🙁

  15. we love signing time!! this would def be a gift for someone.

  16. We are just at six months and plan to start signing soon. DVDs are a great resource!

  17. Signing Time is the best! We’ve only watched the Baby Signing Time DVDs so far, so winning volume one of Signing Time would be perfect!

    Here’s a link to a video I posted back in November of two of my boys showing off their new signs.

    Oh and I’m a follower too 🙂

  18. We’ve been signing with our son since he was about 6 months. He did his first sign at about 8 months and now at 18 months does about 25 signs! We haven’t used any program or DVD, but would love to win one to help expand his vocabulary! Great blog!

  19. Surviving Triplets

    I would love to have a chance at winning this!


  20. I have done the Signing Time DVD’s with my 2 1/2 year old since she was 10 months. I know it is the reason her speech developed so fast. Baby Signing time is well worth the $$ as well. Love, love, love it! We both have started signing with my almost 6 month old twins already!

  21. I love Signing Time, and I’m starting to sign with my boys. I’m just trying to figure out the logistics of teaching 2 babies to sign! Adam is signing milk now, and it’s adorable!

  22. I didn’t sign with my oldest and he was a late talker which led to horrible terrible two’s! I would love to have something we could all learn together with the triplets!


  23. This looks interesting!

  24. Mother of Multiples

    My friend has a downs child and she has taught him many signs and I would love to buy her this set along with a set for me and my triplets. Where do I get it? Thanks

  25. Signing is great. We use a little bit of it here but I wish that I had used more.

  26. I was just looking at starting this with my trio!

  27. Annie and Jason

    I’ve heard great things about this – I would love it if the boys could “talk”to me 🙂

  28. I would really love this. I just bought the Baby Einstein Signing DVD and a book that teaches sign language. This would be perfect. Excellant job on the blog ladies, this is great!

  29. My daughter has really taken to signing. We mainly use the Baby Einstein DVD and would love to add to her vocab.

  30. Have never seen this DVD before – really hoping to win it for the boys – otherwise I will be buying it! Congrats Nicole.

  31. My little guys are 4 months, I’ve tried signing with signs i looked up on the internet, but this seems like a great idea! Maybe ill be a lucky winner. I follow:) ill blog too!

  32. Thanks for the chance to win this! I;ve been wanting to have our own copy for such a long time. It truly is an amazing thing to see your kids signing!

  33. I follow

  34. I wish I would have found out about this when the boys were little. Hunter has a limited vocab so this would have been great to have started with him because communication is so hard for him now. I guess I dont need to tell you I’m following but definitly going to blog about this.

  35. Thanks for the win! I LOVE winning signed books!!


  36. Triplethefunplus2

    congrats Nicole!! I have heard great things about the series!

  37. I would love to teach my kids this!

  38. I would love to teach my kids this!

  39. I would love to teach my kids this!

  40. I would love to teach my kids this!

  41. I would love to teach my kids this!

  42. We used sign with my 6 youngest kids and I swear by it and encourage everyone to do it.
    Great give-away 🙂

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