SIGnature Creations by Astrid

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Our next giving away is from SIGnature Creations by Astrid! Remember Astrid? Astrid’s SIGnature Creations is a great online boutique full of adorable bows, tutus, shirts and diaper cakes!

Astrid is giving away a set of three bows to one of our lucky readers! All you have to do is visit SIGnature Creations and let us know what your favorite item is!

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  1. I love the Super Sassy tutus! Cute stuff. 🙂

  2. I'm a follower.

  3. Tutu and monogram shirt is really adorable.

  4. I am a follower of M&M.

  5. Oh, a monogrammed shirt, please. My girls are monogram-less.

  6. I subscribe/follow.

  7. Shannon @ S and G Photography

    I love the tutu and monogram combo

  8. i love the lady bug tutu and shirt!

  9. I am a follower

  10. Oh the tutu's with the matching Halloween shirts…to cute!!

  11. ANd I'm a follower!!!

  12. I like the mini bows. My daughters have short hair so they woud be perfect for pulling back just the sides!

  13. I'm a follower

  14. I am a member of the message boards!

  15. Love the pink cupcake onesie for a first bithday!! I'm a follower on blogspot and Facebook.

  16. I like the mini bows and the rainbow sherbert!

  17. Now that my girls are big enough to pull their pacifiers out and play with them, I am all about a pacifier clip. Astrid's are cute!

  18. I'm also a subscriber to M&M!

  19. The simple tutus and sassy bows are so cute! We love all things girlie!

  20. And I blogged.

  21. Oh my goodness, it's very hard to choose one favorite! I love love love the halloween bows. And the mini bows. But also the t-shirts with cupcakes on them! CUTE STUFF!

  22. I'm a sucker for anything Halloween related, so the bows had me! *lol*

  23. The tutus are beautiful.

  24. Dianna@KennedyAdventures

    Oh my gosh! So hard to decide!! The Halloween bows are beautiful!

  25. I love the bows!

  26. I am following and love the paci clips too

  27. I like the thanksgiving bow and the football bow, because fall is my favorite season

  28. I am a follower

  29. Super Sassy Tutus!


  30. I love the orange Super Sassy tutu. Thanks! goodwitchglinda at gmail dot com

  31. I love the Halloween Boo bows!

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