Shout Out of the Week: Trippin’: Life with Triplets

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This week’s shout out is Christy from Trippin’: Life with Triplets. Christy has a 2 year old daughter and 7 month old BBB triplets. Christy’s blog is full of humor and is a really honest look at what life with multiples is like. I love that she can take something like going to the doctor’s office for a sick baby appointment and turn it into a laugh out loud moment that you wish you were a part of. So without further ado, here are some of my favorite posts from Trippin’…

Was that Gucci?: Oh my gosh is all I can say about this post. I wish I could have been there to witness this, and I’m not going to lie I had a tear fall from laughing. It’s that good!

36 Unbelievable Weeks: Ok, I thought I did an awesome job by making it to almost 38 weeks with my twinkies, but Christy made it 36 with triplets! Way to go Momma!

Mean Santa: All I can say about this one is exactly what Christy says at the end of the post “Santa may be mean, but Mommy is a genius!”

Momnesia: We all have it (you Dad’s have it too!), so it’s nice to see someone finally blog about it! PS Christy, love to ‘do!

Happy Mother’s Day
: Um how sweet is this? Very, I think I have a cavity and yes, I just wrote that.

Be sure to visit Christy and leave her some blog love! Have a great Thursday MoMs and Dads!


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  1. I checked out Christy's blog yesterday becuase she was quest writer for another blog that I read. And I loved her Momnesia post! So true & so funny!
    Love her blog! And her kids are too precious!

  2. Also saw her yesterday at Rachael’s. Great blogger.

  3. oh yay! i love reading new triplet blogs, esp BBB ones! 🙂

    and woah, 36+ weeks. that’s awesome!

  4. I’m gonna go check her out right now!

  5. OMG, that little one in the red dress. She’s a minature Diva! lol. How adorable they all are. Popped from blogupp, it’s fun to go blog walking.

    I can’t imagine the energy it takes for triplets! Makes me tired just thinking about it, but then thats why we have our babies when we’re young.

    Have a good day, do swing in for a visit, welcome mats always out.

  6. I meet her yesterday through Racheal’s blog! Saying hi to everyone!

  7. I met her yesterday too. She is a hoot. Off to read some more.

  8. Thanks for the love, folks. Glad so many of you enjoyed my guest gig over at Rachael’s.


  9. omg, just watching the video of the boys pushing around in utero… I miss that sometimes! I love the little feet/arm/head that pokes through. That was a great video. Fun blog 🙂

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