Shout Out of the Week: The Hughes Triplets

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This week’s blog shout out is Amber from The Hughes Triplets! Amber has 9 month old BGG triplets. Her blog, which also includes posts from her husband Jamison, follows their journey all the way from the pregnancy test to today. Amber talks about the time in the spent in the NICU, the journey home, the battle with RSV season and a MoM’s (least) favorite place, the emergency room! In no particular order here are our favorite posts:

Has it really been 2 months?: Amber’s list of what they’ve used in the past 2 months is hilarious! You forget just how much stuff you really do go through in that short amount of time. If you’re pregnant, definitely read this post and find out what you need to stock up on!

Declan Andrew
, Emma Grace, Ruari Jane: Amber talks about each one of her children in separate posts (We’ve linked them separately as well, so click on each name). It gives you an insight on their individual personalities. After reading these posts we definitely had a “why didn’t we think of that?!” reaction.

Confessions of a triplet mom
: Amber lists her “confessions” in this post, and honestly almost all of them got an “exactly!” from both of us. This is also one of Amber’s favorite posts.

Please make sure you stop by and visit the Hughes family and leave them a little note! Thank you again Amber for being our Thursday Shout out!

Have a great day, MoMs! Be sure to stop by some of your fellow Multiples and More Network Blogs and leave some comments!

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  1. Hi I am here! Happy Thursday!

  2. The triplets are adorable!!

  3. Don’t you just want to squeeze those little cheeks??!

  4. What cuties!

  5. Christa @ Quintooples

    So adorable!!!!! 🙂

  6. Great family, and such sweet little babies!

  7. Awwww, look how sweet they are! I’m gonna go check her blog out right now!

  8. Absolutely too cute! She has a great blog and I love her blogging style.

  9. Thanks for introducing me to another awesome triplet family. Such cute babies.

  10. Thanks for the intro to this adorable trio! I just added them to my blog list! Aren’t they just precious!?!

  11. Tamara Mitchell

    Oh so cute…the trips are so adorable!

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