Shout Out of the Week: Sweet Pea and Her 5 Little Chicks!

This weeks shout out belongs to Sweet Pea of Sweet Pea and Her 5 Little Chicks! Sweet Peas is the proud MoM to Ryan, twins Kate and Emma and twins Jack and Henry. Sweet Pea’s blog is fun and refreshing! Here are some of her, and our, favorite posts!


A Day at the Salon: Nothing beats a great haircut and two smiling girls to go along with it!

Ballerinas: Oh my cuteness! I mean really is there anything more adorable than a room full of ballerinas?!

Hide and Seek: Not as fun as it sounds, but definitely funny looking back on I’m sure!

5: I have to remind myself everyday that I have 2 children, I can’t imagine 5!

What beautiful baby boys, and a beautiful MoM! I don’t remember looking that good after I gave birth…

That is the most appropriate title for a blog post I have ever seen. What an amazing story and an amazing young man!

Kate and Emma are 2!:
Ok again, I did not look that good pregnant or after the birth of my twins! What’s your secret Sweet Pea?!


Be sure to stop by Sweet Pea and Her 5 Little Chicks to leave some bloggy love!

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  1. Sweet Pea is one incredible mom plus she is super talented – have you seen her craft blog!

  2. Mom of the Twinkies and Tot!

    OMG…what beautiful children! I cannot imagine having five children, and two sets of twins at that! I love the pictures of the kids, especially the girls in those skirts and the five together at the top of the post! Can't wait to stop by and check out her blog!

  3. What a darling blog – I just added it to my Google Reader. I'm so impressed!
    -Emily (

  4. Beautiful family. I cannot imagine more than one set of twins! She is amazing.

  5. What a neat blog!! I also must say that this woman is my hero, not only does she have two sets of twins but she also has a son with TI. That is is amazing to me!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Wow, what an amazing family and mother! We have a cousin (who is a triplet) who was diagnosed with Type I diabetes last year, at age 14, so Ryan's story strikes close to home. Thanks for much for introducing us to Sweet Pea!

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