Shout Out of the Week: Outnumbered Mommy

This week we are featuring a fellow Chicagoan, Kelly of Outnumbered Mommy! I’m originally from Chicago and have a soft spot for my fellow Second City dwellers! Kelly is the proud MoM of 7 year old triplet boys and a 3 year old son. The title of her blog makes sense now doesn’t it? Here are some of her, and our, favorite posts!

What’s the hardest thing your boss asked you to do today?
: OK, besides the fact that the “boss” in this post is Charlie, what he asked her to do is HILARIOUS and proves that kids are the hardest people to “work” for!

Broken: If you are need of a laugh, and I mean a really good hearty from the gut laugh, read this post! Never has a broken garage door been so hilarious!

More Drew…: Oh Drew your honesty brought a tear to my eye from laughing so hard! I cannot wait until one of my kiddos makes a similar statement!

Something you don’t want to hear on the way to school:
All I have to say is “Mom I think I forgot to put my underwear on”

Drew the “Arthur”: Kelly, I would like to put my order in for Drew’s Dict-ary, it is way better than that Webster one!

I’m embarrassing my children
: I don’t know what was so embarrassing, I thought it was cute, but then again, I’m not in first grade.

A trip to the zoo gone wet: I miss the zoos in Chicago, among other things. The closest thing to a zoo by us is Animal Kingdom, so it was nice to see what a real zoo looks like, even if a massive downpour happened.

Nothing good comes by getting a balloon: Oh….my…..goodness, that’s all I can say. The photo says it all!

Sisters…Just for fun: Sorry Kelly, I’m the little sister so go Serena and Eli! *You’ll understand what I mean when you read the post*

A big thank you to Kelly for sharing her blog with us! Be sure to stop by Outnumbered Mommy and say hi!

So what did you think of Kelly’s blog? Any of the stories ring true with your family?

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  1. Scott and Jaclyn

    Love her blog! 😉

  2. What a great blog! Such cute boys!

  3. Adorable boys. Your blog is just lovely. Stopping in from SITS

  4. I read Kelly's blog like a daily newspaper!! There is always something exciting to read everyday!! Love you guys!! 😉

  5. 2SetsOfTwins4Me

    cute…she is outnumbered like me
    i have 2 sets of twin boys

  6. I just stumbled upon this blog and I am so excited. I'm a homeschooling mom of 6 year old twins. I can't wait to put your button on my blog and to check out all the other posts and blogs.

  7. Thank you so much for posting my blog here. You did a great job and the new comments on my blog were so much fun! Keep up the great work and have a great weekend!

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