Shout Out of the Week: Our Lil’ Kingdom

This week’s Shout Out belongs to Lindsi of Our Lil’ Kingdom. Lindsi is the proud MoM of an almost 3 year old son, and 15 month old fraternal twins. Little fun fact for you, Lindsi’s twins are two days younger than mine. Life is definitely not dull in this house! Here are some of Lindsi and our favorite posts:

Question and Answer Session:
Lindsi answers all the seemingly obvious questions about life with twins.

How do I love thee, let me count the ways: A sweet list of all the things Lindsi loves about her three kiddos.

Lots of babies….lots of updates: This post is full of insanely adorable photos!

Our TWINS birth story:
You know me, I’m a total sucker for birth stories! I love that Lindsi had the same denial that I had when her water broke.

4th of July and a little Q & A: Here’s some more Q &A from Lindsi and insanely adorable 4th of July photos!

Boats, basketio, and ice cream–oh my!: Oh my goodness! You need to watch the video at the end!

Be sure to stop by Our Lil’ Kingdom to say “hi” to Lindsi and vote for what she should dress her kiddos up for Halloween!

Speaking of….what are you thinking of dressing your multiples as for Halloween?


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  1. This is a normal blog of mine that I follow – great lady and wonderful family!! Thanks for featuring her! I haven't given the halloween thing a thought yet. Probably take the boys to the store this year and let them pick out a custome – maybe!

  2. Halloween is soo far off. They get to choose now, but last year they wanted to be ninjas and I made their costumes.

  3. This is a blog I visit several times a day to brighten my day as these adorable babies are my grandchildren. These children are very blessed with an incrediable Mommy. Love you all.

  4. Her little ones are adorable! I'm gonna go check her blog out right now!

  5. awww, thanks for the shout out!

  6. We are going for cute little witches!!!

  7. Great to see Lindsi and her cuties on here!

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