Shout Out of the Week: My Baby Drama

This week our Shout Out belongs to Karla of My Baby Drama. Karla is the proud MoM of GBG triplets, Amelia, Marcus and Jocelyn. Karla also has a blog dedicated to health and exercise, you can see that blog HERE. Without further ado here are Karla, and our favorite posts!

Mommy Brain x 3: The fact that this post starts with the phrase “I think I am losing my mind” says it all. And trust me Karla, we have all been there, more than once!

That was then, This is now: I think I made all of the same observations before I had my twins! I also said I would be the MoM that was always put together….hahahaha that’s funny…

Bye Bye Bikini, Hello Tankini: I have to agree with Karla on this, if I had known what my body was about to look like I would have had a bikini week.

Why Toddlers are more fun than Infants: All of you expectant/new MoM’s and Dad’s out there you need to read this one! Wait until you see what you have to look forward to!

Babies and dogs: Are they really that different?: This post is HILARIOUS and so true! The title really says it all.

A big thank you to Karla for sharing her blog with us! Be sure to stop by My Baby Drama and say hi to Karla!

So what did you think? What’s your favorite post from My Baby Drama? Let us know!

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  1. I love Babies and Dogs – especially when she talked about hers coming in a liter – hilarious!!!

  2. LOL at the Babies and Dogs post! I have said that so many times lately, but then we are potty training right now…. I swear I might as well add a puppy to the mix to really give the carpets I nice aroma.

  3. Hate to sound like a broken record but babies and dogs is a MUST READ!!!

  4. What a precious picture of your babies on the grass! Love it!

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