Shout Out of the Week: Michelle of Not According to Plan

This weeks shout out of the week goes to Michelle of Not According to Plan! Michelle is the proud MoM of identical girls, Julia and Amelia. Here are some of her, and our, favorite posts:

How it all went down: It’s amazing how fast your whole world changes with one ultrasound.

The First Year:
A sweet look back on the first year of with twins.

Unexpected issues: Twins are never predictable, and this post proves it.

A Week in Facebook Statuses: This is a great laugh, and fun idea for a post!

A big thank you to Michelle for being our shout out! Be sure to stop by Not According to Plan to leave some bloggy love!

Just for fun, what’s your funniest Facebook or Twitter status this week?

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  1. Beautiful girls!!!!

  2. Whining sick babies, one climbed out of crib for first time (YIKES), one fell down the stairs, tween and teen fighting, put babies down for nap and they came to airate our yard…right now! Got to LOVE it…..even a little bit!

    It's funny that you asked this, because this is my second status change in about 4-5months! The post was a cute one!

  3. Kristin @ Intrepid Murmurings

    Cute girls, and I love reading the post about finding out you were having twins! 20 weeks doesn't give you much time to adjust to the idea!!!

    My funny (or maybe not) FB status this week: "Rotavirus (x2) blows. Its going to be a loooooong day."

  4. Facebook post from Sunday: Today just keeps getting better and better. Maddie refused to take a nap, and threw her binky, blanket AND pajamas over the side of her crib. Then while I was trying to get myself ready for church, Elizabeth cut her own hair. Can I go back to bed?

    Very cute twins girls, by the way. :o)

  5. The Lane Family

    What cute girls and what a fun new blog to read!! Thank for sharing ladies!!

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