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This week’s blog shout out is Mandie from Cheap Therapy. Mandie is a stay at home MoM to one singleton, Gwen, and spontaneous triplets Tess, Nora and Holden. I have to say I was little disappointed that I never found her blog before this; it is really, really funny! Mandie covers a lot of topics on her blog, some serious (PPD and a miscarriage) some not so serious (poop on the carpet, anyone?). It’s great to find someone that makes you feel like a normal MoM! Here are some of her most telling posts…

Potty Perplexity: Remember how I just mentioned pooping on the carpet? Read this one and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Just a plain ol exhausting week: In this post Mandie talks about Tess, Nora and Holden’s first birthday and what the day was like a year ago. I’m a sucker for this type of post, and this one is just so sweet (complete with a belly photo; you are a brave woman Mandie!).

The baby that never was: *Warning: if you are squeamish, skip this one* This is one of Mandie’s serious posts. She talks about her first child and the miscarriage she suffered. I was in awe that she was brave enough to cover every detail with the world. Thank you, Mandie for an amazing post.

What does this say about me?: Ok, now to lighten the mood. I admit it, I laughed out loud, and hard when I read this post. Ever wonder what your 3 year old really thinks? Yeah, read this one, trust me!
Thank you, Mandie, for being a part of our network and letting us feature you! Be sure to visit Mandie as well as your fellow MoMs and Dads! Happy Thursday!

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  1. Great featured blogger! I love the pic of her with her little ones! So precious! 🙂

    PS: I’m hosting a cookie giveaway on my blog this week, come check it out!

  2. I can’t wait to look at this Blog when I have a few minutes! I love that I am finding others MoMs who make me feel normal!

  3. what a lovely featured blogger, i cannot wait to check out her blog!

  4. Thanks again ladies for sharing such great blogs with us all! I can not wait to read her blog!

  5. She looks amazing…I am off to go check out her blog now!!!

  6. What adorable children. Off to check her blog out.

  7. I’m off to go check her out right now….

  8. this is one funny lady. thanks for featuring a great blogger.

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