Shout Out of the Week: Ava and the Twins

Ava and the Twins

This weeks shout out belongs to Maria of Ava and the Twins. Maria is the proud MoM of 3 year old Ava and 8 month old twin boys, Colton and Evan. Maria’s blog goes all the way back to 2006, so it definitely took some time to find all of our favorites, but here they are in no particular order!

Oh brotherly love: Or lack there of? This post proves there is always one dominate multiple in the group (she has video and photos to prove it!)

Another hospital visit: This post is about one of the boys, Evan who had severe reflux as a newborn.

Mealtimes and Schedules and “Mommy hold me”: Oh the joys of getting twins on schedules!

Photography by Ava Rose: Ok, seriously this post is too stinking cute! There is nothing better than seeing the world like a 3 year old sees it!

My beautiful boys are here!: If you’ve been on this site for awhile you know I am a sucker for birth stories and minute old photos of new multiples!

A big thank you to Maria for letting us feature her! Be sure to stop by Ava and the Twins and say hi!

Don’t forget to enter yesterday’s giveaway (below) for Flush and Cheer Potty! Happy Thursday MoMs and Dads!


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  1. Hallo – it is so freeking cold here today. Hope you all have a great day. Off to visit.

  2. Her pictures are amazing!! So adorable!!! I'm off to go check her blog out now!

  3. Her children are beautiful and cute! Can't wait to meet her.

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