Saturday Spotlights: Post of the Week

It’s time again for Multiples and More Post of the Week! This spotlight focuses on specific posts from some of your favorite bloggers sites. Was there a particular post that made you laugh, cry or just feel awesome after reading it? Link it up below, make sure you link specifically to that post. Leave a comment in the comment section on why you picked that post as your favorite of the week and be sure to leave a comment on that bloggers post letting them know you nominated them!

My favorite post of the week comes from Liz of Thriving and Surviving with Twins. The post is called, 10 Things Being a Mom has Taught Me. I think many of us have the same list, and it’s great to see that I’m not the only one that doesn’t constantly pick up behind my kids.

What were your favorite posts this week?


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  1. I was totally going to nominate Liz's 10 things being a mom has taught me post! Great minds, huh?
    I nominated MandyE of Twin Trials and Triumphs for her "People of Walmart" post. It's SO TRUE!

  2. I'm just seeing this right now! Where have I been?
    Thanks for the kudos!

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