Saturday Spotlights: Favorite Triplet Blogs

Last month we featured your favorite twins blogs, so this month we’re featuring our favorite triplet blogs! Pick one of your favorites and link it below, the only requirement is that it is a triplet blog since that is this months theme. After linking up your favorite blog, leave us a comment telling us what you like best about your nominee. Please nominate someone else, but not your own blog. Don’t forget to leave a comment and let the spotlighted blogs know you stopped by.
*We almost forgot! Congratulations to the winners of our Photo of The Week Contest:
It’s Their World, We’re Just Living In It


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  1. MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs)

    I love reading Helen's blog, Three Times the Giggles. She has great adventures with her sweet boys, beautiful photography, money-saving tips, and yummy recipes. She also talks about parenting challenges, like maintaining naptime as her children grow older. My hat is off to Helen for seeming to do it all so well…and she's going to be welcoming Baby #4 soon, too!

  2. I love Rachael's photography! It's BEAUTIFUL! I also also love reading about her singleton Lydia since I have a singleton in addition to quads.

  3. I'm touched to see my name on this list! Thanks Mandy 🙂

    Two of my favs (not already listed) are Pyjammy's blog and The Great Umbrella Heist! I was first drawn into these two because they're both blogs about identical triplets (which is what mine are) and I love their styles of writing and the pictures they post!

  4. I love "The Great Umbrella Heist" as well! I love reading about the adorable things that her girls say, her great tips on shopping for baby/toddler girls (without going broke!) and I especially LOVE the pictures!! They are better than most of the professional photos I have seen!

  5. Dianna@KennedyAdventures

    I cheated, and added TWO of my favorite triplet mommas — Jen, from Buried with Children, and Duane, from The Grasshoppa Tales. Both of these ladies are awesome!

  6. Astrid @ Surviving Triplets! She's got such a big heart!

  7. The Amazing Trips is so real. The joys and challenges of being a working mom of four with a great marriage and a great perspective is just inspiring.

  8. Four Times The Fun… Michele gives a very real, honest (and funny) perspective on the crazy normal we all experience.


  9. The Amazing Trips, just love them!

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