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This is my second review for Safari Ltd and let me tell you, we were hooked on this company after the first review. My kiddos even know where you can buy the TOOBS (Michael’s, or Mike’s as Aaron calls it,  is our favorite place to purchase these).  This go around we were able to review the Galapagos TOOBS and the Prehistoric Crocodiles TOOBS.

The Prehistoric Crocodiles include: Postosuchus, Desmatosuchus, Euparkeria, Montealtosuchus, Champsosaurus, Sarcosuchus, Chasmatosaurus, Rutiodon validus, Dakosaurus and Pristichampsus. A great feature with Safari Ltd is that you can go on their new and improved website and download educational materials that go along with the animals in the TOOBS. Aaron absolutely flipped over these crocodiles and I believe they “swam” in the bathtub a few nights and even got to sleep in his bed. That’s love.

The Galapagos TOOB includes 12 different animals that range from birds to sea life. It should be noted that I was attacked by the hawk which I did not find funny, but everyone else in my family found hilarious (If you do not know about my fear of birds, you need to read this post). Jillian immediately latched on to these animals and they also joined them in the bathtub.

I am a huge fan of Safari Ltd products because I love how they encourage imaginative play with my kids in a very educational way. My kids currently have 5 different sets (plus two more that are coming in their stockings) and they are toys that I do not mind spending money on. I know they are high quality and are made to last. For as many times as these animals have been swimming in the ocean that is the bathtub, they are not chipped or worn.

The price for the TOOBS is really reasonable as well, they are listed for $10.99 on their website. There are also so many different choices that I can pretty much guarantee you will find a perfect TOOB for one of your kiddos.

Do your children have any of the Safari Ltd TOOBS? Which ones are their favorites?

Be sure to check out Safari Ltd’s new and improved website and let me know what products you love!

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