Question of the Week: Daylight Savings

I used to not mind daylight savings time, especially in the fall when you would gain an hour. Now, I’m singing a different tune. It’s hard enough to keep the kiddos on a normal schedule but throw in an hour change curve ball? A root canal sounds more appealing. So this week our question is:

What are you tips/tricks for handling daylight savings time?

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  1. I use to like falling back but now I enjoy springing forward. See, my Triplets wake up at the same "time" every morning. So today they woke up at 7am instead of 6am. So I actually get an extra hour in my morning! I know, I know, it is not really an extra hour but hey, I am a SAHD of three year old Triplets…. I take my victories where I can:)

    Have a great day,


  2. MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs)

    Even though our twin girls are 14 months old now, we still adhere pretty tightly to a schedule, so the time changes are not welcome at our house. I will agree with Al that "springing forward" is much better than "falling back", but I know I'll be paying for it when the girlies are wide awake at 8:00 tonight (normal bedtime is 7:30).

    Over the next couple of days, I plan to cut naptimes a little short to try to get the girls to bed earlier. I think this should be pretty realistic…but I did have a flashback to this time last year, when the girls were only two months old. THAT was challenging.

    Best of luck to everyone!

  3. This year my plan is to skip nap time (they skip every once in a while on their own anyway) and thoroughly exhaust them so that they go to bed on time tonight.

  4. I like springing forward far better than falling back, too. We've been working toward this for the last week, or so. Today I plan to lay them down about a half hour late for their nap (on the new time, so really, it will be about a half hour early) and hope that gets them on track for a 7:30 bedtime (their normal bedtime is 7.) I'm pretty much okay with a 7:30 bedtime at this point, especially now that it's going to be staying lighter later at night.

    I'm "lucky" in that my kids are currently recovering from colds, so they haven't been fighting being put down at all.

    For fall back, I just adjust by 15 minutes per day in the right direction over the course of a couple weeks until we're back on track.

  5. Shelby at - The Twins and Multiples Bookstore

    Hi! Since my twins can't tell time anyway, what I do is to adjust the time by only 30 mins on the day that we change the clocks (yes, I'm 30 mins off from the rest of the world). Then, on Monday adjust it another 30 mins so that we are caught up. It's a little confusing, but just that 1 hour seemed to mess my twins schedule up. By breaking down the hour into 2 30 min changes seemed to ease the transition.

    Looks like Tracy above does something similar, but hey it works.

    Hope that tip helps.

  6. Dianna@KennedyAdventures

    YUCK! Around here, DST is kicking our butts!

  7. I swear by the Good Nite lite, it is blue moon when they go to bed and a sun when it's time to get up. I have one early bird and one that likes to sleep in so I have my early bird wait until "the sun comes up" before she can get up.

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