Question of the Week: Birth Order Trends

As parents of multiples, it’s sometimes hard to avoid comparing your kids; there’s “the quiet one”, the “bold one”, the “bossy one”, etc. Stereotyping and pigeonholing aside, we thought it would be interesting to see what kind of trends, if any, we can find relating to birth order and multiples. This week’s question of the week is:

Describe your childrens’ personalities, in birth order. Do you think your kids personalities are related to their birth order?
  • Is your baby A any bolder or more dominant than B, C, D?
  • Does your last-born reach milestones last as well?
  • Are there any characteristics that you feel are somehow related to birth order?
  • Do you find that a lot of people like to “classify” your kids? How do you feel about it?

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  1. Having twins made me realize how much one's personality is hard-wired. From the moment they were born I could see how different Truman's and Amelia's personalities were. Experiencing their side by side development from day one made it so apparent that their personalities were built in.

  2. I imagine it's just a coincidence, but my Twin A (Rebecca) is more headstrong and independent than her fraternal twin sister (Susanna). Susanna usually looks to her sister for cues, and loves to copy Rebecca's activities. When Rebecca laughs, Susanna grins. When Rebecca slaps her head, Susanna whacks her own. It's fun to watch their personalities develop – we'll see if this birth order trend continues out of toddlerhood!

  3. Christy AKA Trippin' Mama

    Just as my twin sister and I defied the conventions of birth order, my triplets are doing the same.

    I was the youngest, but the leader growing up. And so far it looks like the middle of my triplets is likely to be the instigator…I mean, leader. My youngest hit almost every milestone first, and my oldest is definitely not the boldest. Of course, having an older sibling is also a factor in their birth order.

    I really resist labeling my kids. They are only 16 months old, for Pete's sake. Isn't that a little young to decide who's the smart one, the athlete, the sensitive? And who's to say they can't all be smart or all be sensitive? As far as I know there are no quotas.


  4. James, I couldn't have said it better! My daughters are identical, and still so very different in a way that is certainly "hard-wired", as you put it.

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