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I’m convinced there was something in the water at my high school. It seems every time I check in on Facebook another high school friend of mine is pregnant with twins. I instantly run through my mental checklist of all the advice I received that needs to be passed on, without scaring them of course. What was the best advice I received? Bring Depends to the hospital. I kid you not. A fellow twin MoM told me to buy a pack of Depends and wear them after my c-section, and you know what, I am so glad I listened to her. So here’s my question:

What is the best advice you ever received and would pass on to someone who just found out they are pregnant with multiples?

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  1. The best advice I received was to hire a private lactation consultant to come to out house. So helpful!
    Cherry Pie recently posted…The Best Dessert EverMy Profile

  2. Accept help when offered even if it is little, accept it. Every little bit helps. Remember that you are only one person and if u dont get to the diahes or laundry every day that its ok, no one should judge you and if they do then ask them if they want to babysit while u take a nap and then get to those things and then smile at them sarcastically 🙂
    Two nabies is way different from one so dont compare your pregnancy or children to others or your first single child because it is so different.
    people will stop you in the store or mall or wherever you go and ask dumb questions…….this is the time to not only show your babies off but educate people about multiples. Take their dumb questions with a grain of salt. They just dont know any better 🙂 I enjoy it a little 🙂
    Enjoy every minute of it 🙂

  3. One of my friends told me she left hers in the same clothes for as long as they were clean. Sometimes that was three hours; sometimes that was two days. I didn’t follow this religiously, but when I let them sleep in daytime clothes at night because I was too exhausted to care, I didn’t feel embarrassed like I may have before.

  4. Accept whatever help is offered. You cannot do it on your own. I guess you actually could do it if you had to, but life will be much easier if you let others help you in whatever way they’re willing – cleaning, cooking, holding a baby. Don’t try to be superwoman.

    Also? Spend the money to get a good, easy-to-steer double stroller. You will use it much longer and more frequently than you would a singleton stroller.
    Rachel recently posted…Black Bean & Potato Burritos with Chiopotle RanchMy Profile

  5. If you want to breastfeed, start pumping between nursing sessions from day one to build up a strong milk supply.
    Christina Baglivi Tinglof recently posted…Would You Ask One Twin To Spy On the Other?My Profile

  6. 1) Your body can and will get bigger during your pregnancy.. don’t stress about it, it’s doing an amazing job. 2) Bedrest helps a ton, even if it’s not fun… Get off your feet and don’t worry about the house. 3) Once the babies are here.. sleep when they sleep, get on a schedule and remember when you get a stressed out.. to take a two min break to breathe and relax. 4) Let people help make meals, run errands for you and clean or do laundry.

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