QOTW: Weekly Meal Plans

I don’t know about you, but I like to have my meals planned out for the week. This way when I go grocery shopping I can buy everything at one time and not have to run back to the store a million times to get that one ingredient I forgot.

I base my weekly meals off of the sale flyer for the week. This was we eat the fruits and veggies that are in season, plus we eat cheaper.  As a parent of multiples, this is the most important thing. Here’s what my meal plan looks like for this upcoming week:

Monday: Turkey sausage and pierogi’s. A favorite of my husband and my son.

Tuesday: Date night for my husband and I since the kids have religious education.

Wednesday: Turkey Nachos, this is the kids favorite because they can fix their own plates and put whatever they want on their chips. Publix had Jennie-O ground turkey for $3.49 two weeks ago, so this makes it a nice cheap meal.

Thursday: Spaghetti

Friday: Tilapia (undecided on prep and sides)

Saturday: Corned Beef and Potatoes (I know it’s supposed to be cabbage, but neither of us are fans)

Do you have a menu plan for the week? What types of meals are on there? Leave your meal ideas in the comment section or link up to the post you’ve written about this.


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  1. I plan meals two weeks out. A couple of our favorite meals that are slated for this week are my salmon teriyaki BLT’s and chicken fajitas. Both are healthy and super quick to make.
    Becca recently posted…Songs That Make Us Sing–Big GirlsMy Profile

  2. I’ve gone back to using eMeals. I get 7 planned dinners plus sides and a shopping list. We like a lot of variety in our meals, so ths works. They just added a natural and organic meal plan which is perfect for us. It cuts a lot of time off of meal prep too.
    Dakotapam recently posted…Lovable Labels Split Pack Review and GiveawayMy Profile

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